Monday, January 20, 2014


The quantum mass is a revivificatory process. The quarks configure, metamorphoses occur infinitesimally and a new entity is instituted.
The black hole, ostensibly dead, undergoes latent transmogrifications, indiscernible. The structure of the cosmos changes.
Time moves in myriad directions. Temporal contingencies intersect and a collectivity of consciousness proliferates.
Memory, colluding with time yet defying its constituents revisits each hue but with a different contextual aegis.
Space stretches immeasurably yet is self contained. It is both retractable,in its ethereal emptiness and stretchable into nothingness.
Yet all these phenomena don't reflect ultimate reality. Nor is ultimate reality a phenomenon.
The ultimateness of ultimate reality is its indeterminacy. Its indeterminacy is the causality of its apprehending.
What can't be known is not necessarily unexperienced. Experience is a measure of that which can be known but is inarticulable.
With all this vast immensity, human consciousness shrinks. As the universe expands, our pettiness and envies permeate.
Being is cleft from becoming and rendered redundant. The redundancy of being is the fulcrum of becoming.
There is a vast blank expanse out there. It contains the ineffable. The ineffability is the vast blank expanse.
Art mirrors the tenuousness of ultimate reality. It is because it can grasped through intimations and intimations ratify the tenuousness.
The fathomless panorama of blankness is a vertiginous precipice. Its spatial vastitude, borderless, timeless, measureless is its immeasurability.
Moments when the darkness is traversed, the nothingness is recoiled from. When the darkness is embraced, incandescent light glows at tunnel's end.
Metaphysical speculation irradiates the here and now. The quotidian actualizes the metaphysical. They are symbiotic.

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