Thursday, January 9, 2014


All journeys begin with a point of departure and a point of destination. Yet where does the beginning begin and where does the end end? Trying to locate an anterior fulcrum compounds the issue. Beginning and end become spaces of aegis than points in time. The end is determined by the nature of the beginning and the beginning culminates when the end ends itself. Yet the end is not final not the beginning inevitable. The beginning and the end are like mirrors, holding up blueprints of nascency to each other. One sees in other a self actualizing possibility while the other sees in it a cessation of mortal circumscriptions.

The beginning reflects the end retroactively by predetermining it. The end forestalls the finality of the beginning by transforming its rivulets into labyrinths and alleyways. As the beginning zigzags and meanders towards the end, the end recedes. As the end tries to catch up to the beginning, the beginning founders in its own circumlocution. The beginning and end never meet yet they are symbiotic. They inhabit the penumbra of their respective gloaming yet they underscore and underpin the possibility of each other's inescapable conclusiveness.

The journey is suspended in timelessness and formlessness. The journey floats inchoately determined by causality and affected by indeterminacy. If it's starting point is subjective its ending is equally uncertain. Or perhaps the journey is inviolable. From a temporal point of view time informs its own passage but in the tenuous landscape of memory and consciousness, which are the journey's co ordinates all temporality is rendered apocryphal.

Perhaps what is known is that the journey goes on. The milky way gleams iridescently, black holes regenerate by themselves, the quarks keep reconfiguring but for us, the journey is our only reality where we get neither answers nor knowledge though we think we do.

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