Wednesday, January 22, 2014


When i was young she seemed a redoubtable figure i looked up to and worshiped. She was perfect, gracious, elegant and incredibly beautiful and i was inspired to be gorgeous like her one day. In a sense she was the image in my mind's mirror and i desired and saw as ideal what was reflected back to be. My feelings were unambivalently ingenuous , untainted by any subtler emotions.

As i grew up and my beauty burgeoned the image i saw in the mirror, which was hers became doubly desirable. Curded with transparent skin her luscious breasts were observable beneath her tight bodice. The cleavage jutted out ensconcing her bosom into perfectly rounded curves. Her soft lips were voluptuous. When strands of hair unraveled from her their iridescence dazzled me.Her physicality, concealed under the patina of  childish innocence suddenly became fleshly and irresistibly enticing. I looked at her yearningly hoping for reciprocation but encountered impassivity and indifference.

I heard an anguished scream from her one day and saw that her mirror which reflected her luminosity to herself now reflected me. My coalescence to her narcissistic gaze was irreducibly enthralling. She, however, seemed dispossessed. Since then her palpable hatred of me, which surprised me no end became a raging obsession. She seemed to try all she could to obliterate any traces of my existence. She wished to consign me to the oblivion of non being. Hoping that her heart would change i escaped her clutches and cohabited out of expediency and my exiguous circumstances with the dwarfs. She came disguised to feed me an apple and knowing how foredoomed and irrevocable my love was i consumed the poisoned apple.

I succumbed immediately to an enervating stupor. Hopelessness, helplessness and frustration rendered me inert and non existent. Amid the interminable atrophy of nothingness i inhabited i felt, in retrospect, after dredging up feeling in the face of my numbness the kiss of chapped, withered lips and opening my eyes saw her desiccated and shrunk countenance revivifying. The uncreased brow, seamless skin and perfect physiognomy united me to her. I hope guilt and self recrimination brought her back to me though i don't know with exactitude the circumstances in the transmogrification of her aegis. Through some miraculous prestidigitation we have cleaved. And our crepuscular evenings are spent in being entwined and enclosed in each other's being.

Finally the image in the mirror, which when occupied by her idealistic image now reveals to me my own incandescent countenance. She gave me being but i have now become. 

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