Tuesday, January 28, 2014


He had tried out numerous possibilities yet fear circumvented him. He longed to experience fear, experience the experience of fear yet its eluding him struck him as both surprising and dissatisfying. Fear is a product of knowledge. It is when the apple is eaten and knowledge gained that the undeniable reality of corporeality creeps in. In a state of innocence, or better perhaps ignorance the possibility of getting the shivers is less realizable.

Since his telos was fearlessness and since knowledge had not illumined him with its burnished sheen his longing for the shivers as unformulated. The preternatural, the occult, the cabbalistic were phenomenon he shrugged off as laughably extraneous. Ghosts, mysteries, spirits, apparitions he dismissed equally derisively. It wasn't a state of fearlessness that existed as an accompaniment to ontological wholeness. He hadn't had the experience of  the episteme which  would imbue his being . He was a tabula rasa on whose blank slate the significations and hieroglyphs were yet to make their scrolled indentations. A palimpsest of the actualized lay latent, not realized yet but not therefore unrealizable.

A king in the country he went to promised that spending three nights with his son, the prince would give anyone the shivers and thereby make the shiverer the possessor of a grand fortune. Many young men endeavored and failed. Some, cannily, craftily dissimulated but the perspicacious prince caught out their prevarications and told on these miscreants.

So he went to the prince hoping that fear and shivers would suffuse his being and give him a glimpse of the precipitous mortal depths that would precipitate both knowledge and its transcendence. The prince kept him with him in the bedroom. For the first two days the prince unraveled his being to him. The prince, shedding off the heraldic appurtenances that constituted him revealed to the him his inner core. Though he didn't feel fear mnemonics, signifiers, abstractions roiled and reconstituted within. While the nascent unarticulated possibility lay immanent a subtle metamorphosis was under way.

On the third night the prince undressed and gently undressed him. He began, miraculously to awaken his neuronal fleshly pathways. As the ministrations of the prince proceeded he began shivering. Beads of sweat broke out on his body. He felt an onrush of blood and was fully engorged. While this palpable excitation occurred a metaphysical transmogrification took place too. Negation, existing in repression, threaded with self deception, scaffolded by a false consciousness peeled off from his tumescent integument. As the prince's fingers awakened pore after pore of his skin the imminent, always indwelling burgeoned and burst forth. It was a fleshly actualization of  transcendence.Ultimately knowledge lay within yet needed to be discovered  The palimpsest contained the seeds of being and becoming.  The negation of being which the image in the mirror had concealed under the patina of an ideal image shattered. The mirror revealed to him an unambiguous he, what he was and could become. He proceeded in the throes of passion to cleave and commingle. The prince waited expectantly. They made love. 

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