Saturday, December 28, 2013


Time contravenes the temporal in inner consciousness. While its linear manifestations too undergo imperceptible configurations. The allocation and slotting of time defies the telos of memory. Time coexists with multitudinous temporalities in numerous contingents. Causality in one realm is counterpointed by an opposite causality in another realm. This simultaneal existence of time throws into relief apocryphal categories along a linear continuum. Time, like the universe, is not reduplicative but dialectical. Stipples of a multifarious quotidian engage in a colloquy wherein intersecting subjectivities interleave and intermesh. What is rendered intransigent is the fluidity, the protean nature of time. Indeterminacy crystallizes into crenellated whorls that diffuse and attenuate.
The diffusity of time conglomerates mosaically. Variegated contextualities concatenate and disperse. Each causal realm, however, is interlinked to the context it emerges from yet each revisitation brings forth a impalpable metamorphosis, indiscernible to rational consciousness, in the onward propulsion of time. The present is a myth whose mythopoeia underscores both its frangibility and its immutability. Past and future converge to inform the present and eschew compartmentalization. Yet the past by its very nature repudiates the singularity it purports to embody and entomb. The past partakes of and blends with a kaleidoscope of innumerable pasts so that the past becomes indefinable and uncapturable. Each receding into its constituents is the inescapable conclusion to any attempt to cohere and create patterns. And the patterns too undergo transformations with each recollection. Which leaves human consciousness with an evanescent conceptualization of time and its inessentiality. The future too, by virtue of its unknowability congeals into fluid and precarious ideograms.
While multiple journeyings coexist and there is neither a beginning or an end to time except its linear progression then mortality and time's outward passage becomes ineluctable. However the uncertainty surrounding the focal point of mortality underpins the very incertitude that constitutes time. Linearity is as tenuous as metaphysics in that both express an unfathomability and indecipherability. The coordinates of time dapple consciousness with recoverable paradigms yet uncertain memory reinforces the uncertainty surrounding these coordinates. All that exist are nebulous hieroglyphs, a palimpsest of vastness which yields only a blank slate which we fill with our stories. Hence existence is ratified.

Friday, December 27, 2013


When pain transmutes to trauma
And grief, unendurable, congeals
Death, self created, rears its head

Consciousness could provide reprieve
Yet finality,inveterately beckons
When pain transmutes to trauma

Life, evanescent, is rendered uncertain
As annihilation provides the only release
Death, self created, rears its head

In the gloaming of inexpressible sadness
Nothingness becomes immanent
When pain transmutes to trauma

Emptiness at the heart of things leaches
All remnants of restitution
Death, self created, rears its head

Anomalies of being crystallize intractably
Into irretrievable slivers of no return
When pain transmutes to trauma
Death, self created, rears its head.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Memory, immanently, is recollection and weaves into it both the temporal and the atemporal. While coiled around cognition in its cognitive manifestations, unbidden stipples coexist too. Memory studs recollection with a luminiscent haze, a halo of incandescence around a throbbing (re) flection. Sometimes, in the gloaming of despair, memory casts a tenebrous net around remembrance but brings, either in its iridescence or opalescence, a piquant, astringent and bittersweet tinge.

Time's arrows point both ways in memory so that the beginning and end or the point of emergence and destination are turned inside out. The propulsion of linear time contravenes memory time because while memory extricates slivers of the past to inform the present it also incorporates future significations into present structures. Is it then, that the presence of memory, the telos of memory is contingent on the present, need a temporal moment to come into being or is it that the past, experienced and the future, unforeseen dovetail and intersect to underscore a precarious present which, in the very moment of its utterance, becomes past. When memory is imbued with the signifiers of the future it doesn't crystallize its nebulosity or render its fluidity intractable. It leaps over the contingent to encompass dimensions that were hitherto unexplored and congeals indeterminacy.

Memory is never tautologous as it changes its structure with each subsequent recollection. While the constituents remain unalterably similar the edges fray. Ethereal fragments of the present and an unanticipated future transform the hue of each remembrance so that an imperceptibly palpable metamorphosis occurs. Waves of memory ebb and flow, advance and retreat and the unceasing continuance of experience moves on. Yet time, causality, history undergo reconfigurations. Memory is becoming, a bringing into being. Memory is what happens when being is galvanized. Memory is the apotheosis of  being.