Thursday, December 5, 2013


Gossamer hieroglyphs float in space, dematerialized and evanescent, prefiguring assimilation through association. A panoramic nothingness constitutes intersecting masses of energy, jostling, intersecting, ricocheting , repelling. While configurable indentations are being nebulously crystallized, unbidden, unforeseen permutations are at work within. The constituents of consciousness and being are hurled pell mell yet their solderings bring forth variegations whose putative singular sheathe belies their multifarious capriciousness. The queer sliver conjoins and severs, attenuates and concentrates simultaneously, producing a concatenated commingling whose dispersals and cleavings manifest themselves contingently yet polymorphously along a spectrum. The continuum of linearity , unflanked as yet by the quotidian, dappled with the incorporeal retains its ineffable significations whose congealing into identity causes both an ostensible obliteration and an imperceptible permanence.

Luminous stipples of the temporal confer an imprimatur of veracity, a veracity brought into being through negation and erasure of the uncongenial. Yet inner time contravenes linear propulsion. While cognition, compounded by selectivity, imbued with subjectivity forges ahead the casuistries of the unconscious, the foreclosed, as yet unassimilable yet unobliterative irradiate and render heterogeneous monolithic structures of definitions. That which has been negated to buttress a tenuous metaphysic retains its amorphous crenellations of ratiocination by streaking and striating mottled mounds of superficial materiality with its own queerness and indubitable authenticity. The temporal merges these atemporal anomalies into an undifferentiated homogenity by underscoring its difference as difference. Yet, the incongruous, by virtue of its ineluctability, insinuates parallel paradigms.

Across the vastitude of spatiality there is a proliferation of multitudinousness that are alternately infinitesimal and immutable. There is a search for an anteriority and each arabesque in the mosaic of unknowability endeavors to locate a temporal fulcrum. Yet the intransigence of indecipherability throws up interstitial mnemonics which disaggregate any attempt at cohesion. The existential black hole collapses in on itself, expending useless energy while invigorating unforseeable reconstitution. Reality fragments and diffuses, the penumbra of unanswerability undermines the apotheosis of epistemology. But the queer cosmos floats, inviolable, protean and fluid, partaking of the inexhaustible kaleidoscope of of cosmic density and plenitude