Saturday, August 31, 2013


Filaments of associations suffuse
Recollection as the past
While the mind's putative refuse
Inundates the consciousness vast

Temporal signifiers intermesh
Into whorled mosaics
Corporeally transcendent flesh
Reconstitutes sublimity from the prosaic

A singularity topples forward
Part of a whole
Others collectively moving onward
Constitute the mortal soul

Speckled remnants of consciousness proceed
And indeterminacy of phenomena concede.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Recollections of dreams.

Specks of the unconscious
Denote pinpricked mnemonics
Congealing through remembrance
Into vivid dreams
Consciousness frays its interstices
To stud fancy with fact
As that which is desired melds
With that which is.

Retroactive reminiscences
Finalities convey
Imbuing the multitudinousness of dreams
With infinitesimally temporal streaks
Abstruse sophistries fail
To capture evanescent contours
Of the nebulosity of the past
And the untapped map of the future

The present is the fulcrum
In the interpretation of dreams
Sagging, threaded edges circumvolute
Reality's threadbare seams
Yet the reality represented
Transcends the real it contains
And towards the realm of a beyond
Hinterlands of dreams pertain

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Images, bespeak ambivalent hues of truth
Concealing, revealing, contingent on seeing
They, on the caprices of the onlooker
Configure kinetic being

An abstraction can yield a carapace
Or a simulacrum of fact
The mirror, faithful reflector
Registers all with tact

One can see what one wants to
Or what there is
Irrespective of what is proffered
The self thinks ; i am this

If what is seen is what is sought
Reduplication renders indubitable
The narcissism identity contains
Redoubles as irrefutable

If, au contraire, that which is seen
Is indicative of reality
Then obliterated are traces
Of solipsistic ideality

Either way the mirror subverts
Crenellations of a being subjective
We may see whatever we choose to
It, persists impassive irrespective.


Enclosed in the gloaming of nothingness
Mortal remnants are snuffed out
Though memory, inveterate recollector 
Continues incessantly throughout.

Within the darkness of emptiness
Mnemonics, dissever and contract
Yet, continuity, despite obstructions
Doesn't from persistence detract

This then, is the sacrophagus
Illumined by the pellucid moon
Obscured as depredation in light
It elides,only to re emerge soon

The human frame it entombs lies inert
Leaving behind associations which subvert.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Memory dips into consciousness, its hues plumbing and detaching, uncompromising yet tractable. The pulse of memory suffuses consciousness with exhilaration and the dazzling swoops into lucent depths illumine and imbue memory with a larger meaning. Recollection contracts, burgeons and crystallizes, thickening the past here, attenuating the present there. Memory dissolves into inchoate crenellations at the point in time when its dappled threads are severed. Then it reconstitutes into a fresher temporal aegis , where, to the accompaniment of transformed perspectives, it ebbs and flow, advances and retreats while frenetic consciousness proceeds incessantly on.

Memory weaves a luminous halo around the interstice between recollecting and perceiving. In that gap, threaded filigrees of association unfurl and the indeterminate detritus of the past mingles with the premonitory foreboding of the present and the anticipatory hope of the future. Memory traverses the temporal only to commingle them, doffing each point in time of its circumscribed epistemology. Memory reduplicates through inversion. Memory transgresses its own reverential anteriority. Memory peals forth carillons of uncertainty amid the certitudes it proffers as expiation. Undeterred by allegiance memory metamorphoses the perceiving consciousness to retroactively reinterpret that which it dredges from the unconscious. Spectral reminiscences underscore the frangibity of verisimilitude and demonstrate the shadowy penumbra through which perception, misted over by distance, reconfigures its authenticity. The mist is cleft yet its disseverence concentrates it further as a dense obfuscation of impenetrability. 

In the gloaming where affirmation can be discerned there lies a nothingness. A nothingness whose beginning cannot be traced. Unctuous stipples of causality render anteriority irrecoverable. Memory is never pure being, never incontrovertible finality. Memory is becoming, recreation, reconstruction. Memory can weave iridescent webs around its own visitations. Memory transcends mortality. Memory, ephemeral, ethereal, endures through unceasing acts of remembering which reconnect the past to the future. A transmutation occurs, layers are added on. Yet memory is a story which is rewound and rewritten again and again. Anteriority is blank palimpsest through which the narrative of human life is created out of emptiness. Perhaps memory's own self containment testifies to its persistence as the only uncertain certitude of human life. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Memory weaves in and out of consciousness, incandescing a remnant here, a mnemonic there. Memory draws out, distended with meaning and sinks back, satiated with content. Dapples of reminiscences congeal, a string of evocations conglomerate, causality interlinks inchoate, floating arabesques of significations and thus memory comes to be. Slivers of the temporal concatenate, the architectonic of the past is crystallized and the gossamer intimations of recollections reconstitute into structures of cognition and reason prevails over the hues of memory, illumining and rendering pellucid much that was hitherto unperceived by consciousness.

As the wave ebbs and flow leaving behind sedimented detritus, which, suffused with mobility of their own, dissolve and burgeon, so does consciousness, circumambulating to and fro, extracts and conjoins, severs and solders indeterminate hieroglyphs of perception. Thoughts flow hither and thither, memory juts out a filament, holding it up for inspection and then submerges that stipple, substituting the void left in its wake by another memory.

Memory is interleaved to consciousness as mind to body. Specks of memory leave behind oleaginous streaks in the mind, lubricious and pulsating with life. At times, in the penumbra of mortality, obliteration of things is dwelt on, valedictorily yet importunately. The cornucopia of human life peregrinates the mind and is irradiated by memory. Memory's unbidden intimations bear the imprint of human existence, it's iridescent joys and tenebrous finalities. Memory breathes life into being. Memory is life.