Friday, July 5, 2013


The image shatters
As the looking glass splinters
Attrition of meaning suffuses
As entropy filters

Though it is not as if perspective has diminished
The sanguine possibility of  disunion
Did i just say disunion or perhaps
I meant, disunion followed by reunion

Lucent wreaths surrounding the mirror
Siphon off, remnants of disquiet
Still remains, somewhere, forebodings
Intermixed with slivers of reflected light

Hewn into the mesh of love
The canopy of ubiquity precarious
Underpinned by its own evanescence
Reaffirms permanence of love as  nefarious.


A letter is consciousness reflecting on itself
Or a mirror yielding an image
In that a blueprint of self is enclosed
As exteriorized hieroglyphs

My striated letters abrade my mind
As they sift through meaning's labyrinth
When moments of clearness are arrived at
Inarticulate avoidance detonates the structure

Wreathed with streaks of meaning
Points in time, denoting meaning, arrive
To the forefront of your consciousness
As nuggets, from my meanderings, you derive

Thumbtacked as intransigent, these ephemera
Solders our tenuous love
Showering down, stereotypical  affirmatives
Inundate from above


Indivisible, inviolate, split, fragmented
What seems to me and you
Is that each time we attenuate
We reconstitute anew

When water is thrown against a mirror
The image blurs, blends, superimposes
In rending fluidly intractable beings
It, variegations conglomerates then disposes

Enclosed in the aureole of our cleaving
We marvel at benignant fate
How, since, the mirror has coalesced us
Our unison seems congealed off late

Though my image is mine yet you
And yours is yours yet mine
We rejoice in our singularities
Yet remain conjoined.


The image bespeaks a lie
And weaves a web of deceit
Out of which, in hubristic moments
I marvel at my smug conceit

The architectonic of reflection means
Rending of self from self
The inner, through initial sundering
Blends with the outer soon itself

In the moment of diffusion
Either clarity obfuscates of shadows reveal
Through navigating moments of revelation
Obfuscation, its own obliquity conceals

Key to the arrival of knowledge
Is the peregrination of illusion
Reality, for what its worth, can be apprehended
Only though emergence from delusion.


You reflect me, by being you
As i see you in me
Or i see me in you
And the reflection is cleaved through.

Carillons of disquiet unfurl from me
At the prospect of our severence
Because, at best, with amplitude
I have regarded you with reverence.

Then why do i feel streaked with doubt
When my attempts to comprehend fail
Why, when i thought i knew all
Do i against random fate rail?

Perhaps you remain a blueprint
For that which cannot be known
Left with a shattered illusion
My indeterminacy i bemoan.


For me, to embalm my accreted knowing
Necessitates a leap of faith
Worse to entomb your nebulous being
Is like making tangible a  wraith

Spectral as my consciousness of myself is
Retaining epiphanic stipples is unknown
As mnemonics add up and disperse
Congealed illusoriness is grown

The landscape of knowledge is uncertain at best
The writing blurred, flecked with blots
And to traverse, through you, me
To be guided  by  a map of unlinked dots

Something must surely lead somewhere
For  carapaces depths betoken
Threads of continuity, ephemeral at best
Remain, in their essence, broken.


Scuffed consciousness, rumpled with revelations
Stretches meaning to the farthest edge
Still any form of self understanding
Remains far from being dredged

Proliferative as dreams are, within wakefulness
The dreaming self and the conscious dissolve
Just as the gazer and the being gazing back
Never into wholeness resolve.

But fancies of iconoclastic rending of divisions
Beckons with inveterate hope
Realizing this primordial chimera
Needs the traversing of a sisyphean slope

The palimpsest that is meaning, insists
That the underwriting changes form
In the interstice of seeing and being seen
Indeterminacy is the norm.


A glimpse over the rim
Of myself and you
Reveals a dichotomous cordon
Glistening with difference new

I could argue that what i see
Already, within my aegis, exists
Yet when i glance, from the rim, at you
The inevitability of my deception persists

Conversely you could embody that which
I unacknowledge as mine own
In the teeth of these denials and evasions
The seeds of dispossession are sown

If what i see through you is the mirror
Wherein the returning  reflection could rejoice
In its validation of my selfhood
Then illusion is my only choice