Monday, June 17, 2013



Benumbed are the feet
And weary, profuse and mild
As nature pours down rain and sleet
At the feet of the poor lost child
Life's run is short and brief
And tremulous yet impetuously wild
Is his expression of grief
As laments aggreived the poor lost child
Before wild storms he quakes
And a compendium of grievances compiled
Thirst remains suspended and unslakes
As runs perpetually athirst the poor lost  child
Mewling with hunger and pain
His sense of injustice reviled
Yet finding in anger no gain
Finds himself alone the poor lost child
Sepulchral is the gloaming around
And fate to randomness beguiled
Yet god like a halo, spreads around
Like a mantle over the poor lost child.


Orderly alignment of thoughts and line
Delicate filaments arranged intricate and fine
Within reason contain multitudes of forms
Deviate by adhering firmly to the norms
Different periods differently connote
The range of  meaning  you denote.
Your fixity, yet your evanescent shape
The underlying realms that around you drape
Pleasing in its contours and reams
Of thought in you encased in seams.
Circumnavigating the existent structure
Bursting with rebellious possibilities of rupture
In analyzing you thus i have a bee in my bonnet
And thus ends this paean to you, o sonnet.


The stone drips drops of green over the chequered floor. Everything seems bathed in the equable light of nature. The waves, sparkling subterraneously in dusk flash forth blobs of green . While all around lies the pellucidity of brightness the green demonstrates a certain opequeness and impermeability, resisting penetration. Because the enclosing foliage is self contained, self possessed and inviolate. It contains the shape it is meant to. The fibrous intricate pattern, the convoluted filaments bespeak  an independence of existence. Like tremulous jelly the leaves waver and undulate and reconstitute themselves back to their primal shapes. The obtuseness is inclusive, inviting the onlooker in. The rustling sussuration of the leaves is rent by the fierce cry of the parakeet, mumbling something is a familiarly alien tongue. The sun rises, the waves advance and blue emerges.
The emergent solstice has not obliterated emerald but has decked out the aquamarine. Blue dwells underground at night, sprinkling the waves occasionally with daubs of color. But by day, it reposes indisputably. The sun rises, waves unravel and the sky gleams blue which refracts the blueness of the water and redoubles its iridiscence. The opalescent sun enhances the aquamarine and the phosphorescent undersea life surfaces in bits and pieces as one peers into the depths. An inscrutable impenetrability prevails but oddments resurface and their specks illumine unctuously in the light of the sun while their complex unfurling is like a film of water thrown over the eyes. This indistinguishability of space from place, the dishevellment of space from the waves, this inhabitation of place by the luminous sun permeates the sense of incandescence.The shrivelled sap oozes, the recumbent flowers uncover their petals and the light of life prevails.


Attenuates through osmosis
Our elliptical fate
While on trapezoid leaps
Richochets our fevered state
With subtle, unvarying inevitability
Syncopates the beat of life
And because love is predominant
There's a sense of surmounting strife
Destiny unfurls of its own accord
Slotting to man, his allotment of causality
Though different may be points of termination
Yet there is in the end, a uniformity.
The moment a microscopic examination is applied
Spontaneity is relinquished from existence
As it is only by living moment to moment
That importunate life replenishes by persistence
Exegesis becomes a lament for meaning
When reason exists in the very act
Pursuing endless vistas of analysis
Obliterates life, by itself a fact
If, to understand my love for you
You extricate my being from the whole
Then however loquaciously you proclaim love
You have robbed me of my soul.

Section 377- the prisoner

Folly, desecrated by law
Mounted in him like a wave
While he lay captive, subject
To inhuman laws a slave
He raised his enfeebled eyes
Which bespoke a spirit  strong
Tremulous exigency may deny fruition
But something improper was wrong
The prisoner reposed, enchained
His head reclined on his breast
Symbolizing for those, who dwelt beneath
How noble is deviation from the rest
Suspended in time and age
He lived for sanguine hope
For ennobling his sense of self he
Was willing to  traverse sisyphean slope
Dross will always be obliterated
Was the warden's riposte of scorn
As your moment of end approaches
You'll cease to see the morn
Yet insensate, the captive reparteed
The flame of love shall withstand travail
And all permutations nothwithstanding
The love of like for like will prevail.


Entombed within a labyrinthine psyche
Growls of torment and grief
Desiring a sacrophagus to reside
He swabbed himself clear of morality.
Recompense he sought, to counteract
Visitations of childhood traumas
Yet dehumanized himself in the prospect
And unswaddled his vestiges of good
Sheathed in the interstices of death
He is a living, breathing corpse
Inflamed by a passion that negates
And  imperils the will to life
At the thought of reprieve
His immortal soul rejoices
Yet devious morality encroaches
And leaves him with no choices.


Panoply of deception and deceit, emblem of illusion's potent force
Traced back to evolution's beginning, right up to its source
Sheathed in incandescence and jade, yet concealing the inner dark
Spewing out subterfuge and dissembling, the  false spark of lark
Burning with its destructive lustre, illumining its existence and need
Expedient and exigent as strategy,paying to consequences no heed
Analysed  by shrinks and moralists, yet defying essential human grasp
Tirelessly pursued in myriad aspects,like opal held in clasp
An incontrovertible truth of life, an undeniable reality in man
Taking  small forms individually indulged,becomes  pogrom in a clan.


The eagle flaps his wings, dishevelling air and space. His intent, searching eyes absorb , in this state of equipoise all that lies around. From his vantage point suburban life quivers and undulates. Buses conglomerate confusedly, footsteps syncopate on asphalt paths, quadrangles waver in the light of the sun. Quotidian oblations unfurl and the busy traffic of scurrying, hastened mankind pitter patters like drops of rain. From his perspective the eagle discerns a subterraneous underground processes of thought and modes of being. Because his searing gaze penetrates obfuscations and unravels the distilled essences of man. All this hovers, like a shadow in the eagle's line of vision as he spreads out his plumage and takes to flight.
The eagle cuts and slices the air and like a chopper on a mallet, swoops in readiness to descend on his prey. Tufts of feathers unjoint themselves in this swift flight. The surface of the sky is grazed seamlessly and pinpricks of the life below flash, suspend and obliterate themselves. Unreality and evanescent becomes mankind and its caprices, deceptions and prevarications become phantoms. Centuries of evolution and survival instinct assail the eagle which extricates from its consciousness all that had inundated it in its moment of poise.
Centuries roll on, Generations progress and the unceasing,immitigable spray of life splashes and splashes.


An uneventful day. Sunlight illuminating speckled flowers whose tassels gleam luridly. A day of inadequacy and inner tumult. While without there seem undulant oblations within is all chaos and confusion. The light of my being wavers and quivers and my usually constant filaments, opalescent and affirmative are today null. Because the crises to which i allude is immeasurably ambivalent, emanating as it does from my core, yet belonging irrevocably to the nature of the times, the curious and conflicting contemporaneity, in which i am plunged.
Penumbra predominates. Memories jostle with each other for ascendancy. Sometimes, something surfaces, at other times, something completely contradictory. Should i succumb to this chaos and unfurl randomly or should i try to locate a fulcrum, a point of fixity which would place my incessantly ebbing consciousness in some direction. Because inside me is eddying a sense of uncertainty which is threatening to imperil my whole identity. But i must endeavor to extract from these meanderings, my central train of thought and by analyzing rationally than evading try to arrive at some conclusion.
Yet the whole thing is shrouded and all i have been able to do so far is to enwreathe a misgiving which is essentially gossamer, a tendril which a sudden stream of water wavers and yet whose roots remain threaded  deep into the recesses of earth. I have done everything that lay in my power. I have been adaptable, tractable and yielding. I have unsheathed my impenetrability and done all i could to allot her the share, which is a space larger than what she deserves, to her. Yet the inevitable  query arises; is she the man of the house or me?



There's something about me
that stands out.
Is it my incongruous gesture
Of putting pen to paper
Or the attempt, consecrated
To immortalize my quotidian life.
I loaded myself with syllables
Painstakingly acquired,
Accumulations of deceptions,
Concealments and apostasy
Within the circumscribed spaces
That worked usefully for me.
Each letter learnt was part
Of a panoply of interlocking
Stories that composed my life,
Which contained me but which 
I spilled out of. Because the word
Was part of my self definition.
In the end divinity played its part
For which i am thankful to a lord
Whose visitations of pain affirmed.
With my rheumy eyes, with a film
I see the spool of the past
Unravelling before me and marvel.
That i lived to tell the tale.


Perhaps the fault lies with me;
To locate a telos;a dotted point
As on a map denoting a journey
Which begins and ends somewhere.
By conjuring  a vision of you
I project my ontlogy to it
Because locating and intersecting with you
Is like actualized primevality.
I may perhaps from our fulcrum
Locate a point of fixity
From which unravels, proliferating
The interlocking images constituting us
My glance into the mirrored interstices
Cleaves our disparate beings 
As what you are and how you seem
Extend irrevocably from my aegis.
If my glance self amplifies
And validates my blueprint of you
Then you become as abstraction
Lodged intractably within me.
Therefore you are a tabula rasa
I mould into multiple stories
Turning an infinitesimal, ineffable you
Into the center of my universe.

The sink as metaphor

As i circle our turf
Rounded, coming full circle
I encounter obstacles.
Scruffy pieces of refuse
Mingle with leftover tumuli
Striated strands of hair
Enclose the holed funnel
Clogged spaces; obstructing
The passage of water
Rumpled streaks of blockages
Preventing smooth passage
And as i try to navigate
The enclosing foliage of you
I encounter ploys, tricks
That cordon off penetration.
Therefore i would like 
To burst forth from these lines
 erase these imaginary boundaries
 get through to the kernel.
So that the water,intead of trickling
Whooshes seamlessly below.

The aperture

Either you cross over
The crevice
Or you stay lodged
Within its embryonic folds
Crossing over would imply
A dimension
Where unfurling with cognition
Would be evolution's prospect
Staying within could denote
The id
Under whose primeval folds
Willed darkness might prevail.
Either way the choice
Whether to
Move on, hold back
Determines your life's course


By placing within temporality
An identifiable space
Place with itself
The place intransigently
Into a bleached version
Fascimiles and simulacrum
Indeterminate contiguities proliferate
Subversion of linearity
The integument of corporeality
Variegated realities
Make palpable possibilities
Which emerges subjective context.


Darkness steals over the landscape. Stripes of black have replaced tufts of white. The pearly moon sends  shafts of cool radiance to console the senses but the fiery warmth of the sun is irreplaceable. The memory of it quivers in the consciousness, wavers momentarily like a candle flame then subsides into the darker recesses of the soul. The darkness permeates, it casts a shadow over the luminous self. It questions the sense of itself that the self had, its air of self possession and transmutes to it an awareness of ephemeral transience. 
I would like to hug this darkness to myself, like a doll. I would like to finger it lovingly, examine its contours and feel its hard knotty shape beneath my palms. I would like to press my palms closely together in order to compress this moment, rend its impenetrability and cleft my way into its interstices. For only in this submergence would emerge a unison. Yet a unison of what? Of the mortal frame with decomposing flora? or the eternal reunion of soul with soul? For this darkness is at the very core of my being. I am the funnel where it terminates, i the frangible canopy under which it lies recumbent. Yet it stirs, as though to render precarious that which the soul, with illusory fixity had assumed immutable. 
When the soul is suffused with this darkness, the eyes become glazed and bleary. Hope snakes out of me like mist.Incandescence becomes a chimera for inevitably these dark moments emerge. The soul gulps back tears, holds itself erect, purses up its lips to leave this inexpressible emotion unarticulated. Yet it is this darkness that i need, for this darkness inspires poetry.


The cordless twangs
Startlement substitutes quiet.
And the hissing whisper
Of static crackles ominously.
Reduplicating primeval horror
Is cleft the impermeable silence
And into this pours down
A cornucopia of pasts.
Unrestful is the memory
Of an essential incompletion.
As the cranium rends the nerves
The evil cackle unravels.
It is a familiar tonality
That guttural, abrading voice,
Venerably simian yet slug faced
Sly bastard professor.


Pearly moon throws over tufts of light which with the passing of clouds throws out quivering light, intermittently. Blaring neon proclaim harshly progress while the iridescence of the moon waxes and wanes. Both lights commingle so that orange moon gleams aglow with white lamplights. There is a ominous stillness, a wavering of cessating activities as deep slumber over closed eyelids transforms man to a dimension where truth , being what it is, and its simulacra meet. With a sense of contraband pleasure indefatigable lovers commune, , converge and part. For it is under the cool radiance of the moon that that which daren't speak its name in daylight announces itself. Tides advance and retreat, the crests leaving a film of water behind. A mist softly, insidiously creeps in, permeates and swaddles emblems of light under its canopy. As it fans out, a sense of coldness seeps through and countenances, bereft of light without seek it within the vast chambers, the capacious kaleidoscopes of their mind.
Seen as symolizing life it makes itself felt conspicuously. There is a moment when the light that constitutes dawn and dusk comes together. There is a gossamer line in the horizon where the earth is indistinguishable from the sky. With the emergent solstice all is decked out as though nature unfurls under the awning of this benevolent light. Flowers uncurl, all sense of incongruity dissipates.  As the sun goes up an arc of bright yellow light dazzles the eye for a moment, illuminating every hue by specking it with dashes of colors.The morning dew on the grass and stalks of flower burst forth iridescently. Tremulous flowers sway with the wind while their tufts move hither and thither. The mist vanishes as drops of pure light penetrate its impermeability. It dissolves like an ephemeral rainbow. As the light filters through cessation is replaced by freneticism. All is awake, alive and opalescent. Acivity is disgorged, life begins anew


With elliptic loquacity
Shrouding the lack
Confabulate the planets
Directing signs zodiac
Syncopates to the beat of fate
A destiny embalmed in time
While all endeavors direct 
Themselves over its chime
Yet there remains a remnant
A random, enabling choice
Using which is charted love
And given a palpable voice
If existence is given centrality
Spontaneity flees human life
But if effulgence is retained
Man overcomes strife
If death is obsessed over
In all  its possible forms
Then life is relinquished 
And unweathered are storms
If a heart is torn apart
Below, between and above
Then extinguishes the smouldering
Breathing flame of love


Confidence tricks with mirrors.

An illusion deceives
By a leap of faith
Through suspending disbelief
And imbuing the incredible
With the plausibility of actuality.
You glance at my silvered depths
To pierce your innermost core
Yet swaddled in layers of deception
Your pellucid introspection is overlaid
With the sulphurous penumbra of myth.
I with impassive uninterruption
Indulge your tricks with yourself
And transform your quotidian reflections
Into cornucopic portals of egotism
My undisturbed placidity, gravity held immovable
Gives you, of yourself an unsullied view
Yet within the sepia tints of embalmed moments
You ululate disconsolate requiems to a lost ideal.
You attribute a telos to yourself
By imbricating into my vitreous limpidity
Transfiguring a burgeoning nascency
Into self contained inviolability
In front of my oblong cyclops
You perform your being
And with practise and mimesis
Crystallize an indeterminate self
Yet i with imperturability
Look on, bemused and tickled
Wreathing the bits you cordon off
Into congealed ideograms of truth.


In the architraves of the self
A discordant note insinuated
And made the sanctity of being
A diffuse, attenuated impalpability
As the desire to see the sanguine
Became an overwhelming need;
The actuality of veracity
Became a subtle prevarication.
Because it needed a rationale
And a basis to affirm; an act
Of transcendence turned in
On itself to become an ambiguity.
Yet the recourse to sanctimony
Rendered the falsehoods exigent
So that necessity outweighed fact
To become a crystallized reality
Within the intransigent crevices
A sense of hypostasis indwelt
And made of a putative real
The potent deception.


You made a subject out of me
Gave me agency and cognition
Was it to assuage your loneliness
Or impose your episteme?
Bristling  grass on the turf
Sprout like tufts of spiky hair
Their deliciously abrasive touch
Resembles my companionship with you.
As the waves roll by along the surf
Beckoning of freedom a intimation
I nurse the cutlicued shells by the wayside
Hoping you'd find your release.
Though i try to deny its intensity
I desire a corporeal symbiosis
Mortal frame twined, cleaved  inviolable
Bespeaking of,a unison beyond schisms
Though a dichotomy divides us
Upheld by your will, my complicity
Still i long for those moments when
The shroud is lifted and truth peeks in
We need each other for us to persist
Without the other the self would dissolve
At the dialectics where we converge
Is an unwritten contract of flesh and mind
Even though the terms are intractably laid
Still stipples my being ripples of a future
Where this suppurating , languid seascape
Is circumvented by a throbbing terra firma 
Meanwhile we persist, coiled in self deception
Hoping that we could transcend our integument
But locked as are, each engirdled by power
All we  can  do is to  stretch  our imaginations.


He returned, expecting
A consecration, a peroration,
A embalming in the portals
Of history, of discursive thought.
He hoped for a precipitious
Traversing of his labyrinthine thought,
An importunate referentiality that 
Congealed his postulations to truths.
He anticipated a proliferative
Unconscious, spilling of unreason
Primeval anteriority in conflict
With paradigmatic sociality.
He predicted the portico of the mind
Sluiced down to its runneled funnels
And predicated on structures of reason
The chaos of indeterminate impulses.
And he certainly foresaw, like minded men
Taking a scalpel to dissect and probe
Unexplored hinterlands of layers of being
That would concretize aberrations and perversions.
Yet strangely, the world seems to have gone on
To have moved on, dislocating his archaisms
And libidinal preconceptions into forms of
Becoming that negate his postulates.
He finds a miniaturization, a emasculation
Of the penis he held sacrosanct, restituted
Instead by a nascent clitoris that demythifies
The sacerdotal phallus.
Mothers and sons get along fine, girls
Move on to other fulcrums and the
Things he proposed were normal
Are turned on their heads.
Even the anomaly is normalized
Medicalized with prophylactics so that
The immitigably nymphomanic psyche
Is a neurochemical manifestation.
It is a descecrated consecration
That greets his re emerged self
And he drifts into oblivion grazing
The collective conscious ,only to drift away.


The mendicant proffered grief
As penumbral gloom
His presence was short and brief
As need came to loom.
The baroque artist distorted
Endlessly reduplicating to recede
While traversed art's convention contorted
As anomaly had to concede.
Contrapuntal ideograms dappled spots
Of discourse with elliptical spaces
While pre existent man made  dots
Revealed all too ideologized faces
Striated with ambiguity points of view
Became redundant, far between and few.


Amorphous he, temporizes.
To locate a telos wherein
Undissolved grottoes,stippled
Hillsides seamlessly become
Points and dots denoting
A capillary of intersections
That embalm and crystallize
Space as place.
He could traverse pinnacles
Studded with turrets,sprinkled
With spires, streaked with hieratic
Gestures of crenellated triumphs.
Yet his circumcription of vastitudes
Into flecks of proliferating veins
Signifies a fixity of thought and
Consistency of intent.
He tries to locate temporally
By affixing directions with a 
Compass, points of terra firma
That are points in time, whose
Unobviated histories have been
Unceremoniously erased.
Speaking against the grain
The points of containment
Utter, through clogged syllables
A narrative of oppression which,
Gleaned by the interlocutor, 
Diffuses the politics of naming
And transforms it into
A trope of becoming.


I , unchanging, unchangeable
Through the attrition of time
Grow gradually into timelessness
As the mildewed fungus on bread
Spreads through, its greenish pores,
percolating and proliferating, so do i,
Acquire a sheen of embalming that
Though frozen in time renders me
Ageless yet old. 
And if i could reverse this,
Circumvent the distortions, 
The platitudes, the useless aphorisms
And get back to a state of unsullied grace
I would, traverse temporality and go back
To the age i emanated from.
Amidst its heroisms and erudition,
Navigating its deceptions and denials
I get transfixed into an image of mystique
That constitutes my being, enclosed in
An irreversible deluge of perceptions whose
Constituents vary with time but their aura, never.
Entrapped behind wood and chiaruscuro
I wither and droop through the psychic
Landscape where my emblematic being is 
Obsolete and archaic. Yet my canonization ensures
My peregrination through endless quadrangles
Of perspectives which recede and unfurl, but always endure.


It proved to be its own undoing 
As subsuming under its charred remains
The potency of illusion was lost.
Whence it came from is unknown nor
Is its durability figurable yet in its fragility
It proved to be its own undoing.
Congealed through anodyne aphorisms it
Became intractable but in the fact of its denaturalization
The potency of illusion was lost.
Lauded by multitudes, upheld as sacrosanct
And because of its all too importunate insistence
It proved to be its own undoing.
Ephemeral, it lodged within, without ontology 
And through its absence of a telos
The potency of illusion was lost.
That it was and will be is a pregiven
With its autogenesis, yet by its constructedness 
It proved to be its own undoing
The potency of illusion was lost.

Accumulated madness of the cartographer

He stood
At the center
Branching off
Into capillaries
Through his focal point;himself.
He imposed a telos
By assuming an ontology
Prefiguring retroactively
With the act of naming
He insinuated himself
Stippling temporality which
Studded with his narcissism
Streaked with his being
Became an extension.
Yet wherever he traversed
He found clogged spaces
Teeming with tenebrous life
Which he obliterated.
Within his puny corporeality
He split off by abrogating
Himself from himself and
Thereby denatured his self.
The dotted veins bepoke
Not what he intented
But what they contained
Within their interstices
Self proclaimed center , he
Coiled back to himself
And ended up where
He had started from.


Was this the point in time when
Crescent shaped, you entered
The rind of my flesh and made it
A hagiographic aureole.
Or was it at this time that
My essence could unfurl
And what i was during the day
Swaddled in mists of ignorance.
I think you correspond to me
The light you reflect clogs me
Irradiates my core, traverses
My flesh and in a furtive fashion
Make spaces for rupture;of turning 
Against those who refute my being
By making out of my small treacheries
A cornucopia of subversion.
I may be denied a presence
But my absnce proclaims itself
As the insidious whisper which
Enters you when you dream.


My body unfolds and unpeels
Its fleshly integument
The skin retracts, covers over
The pink rimmed aureole of flesh
And as i traverse its runnels
As i navigate this spiral
I encounter nooks, crevices
Bespeaking untold mysteries.
What i choose to cleave
And percolate to the essence of
Is a physical appendage whose
Soul is my fulcrum.
When my points of desire engorge
And reduplicate pleasure, like images
From me unfurls a realm of belonging
Inexpressible, which transcends time.
Thus my corporeality is a funnel
From which revelations unravels
In the chaotic tower of babel
I hold steady, like noah's ark.
To travel elsewhere is the point
Because of alternating points of being
Wherein i move from one realm to another
And thus becoming what i become.

Discursive Ambiguity

You create a space
Dialectics to proceed
Through microcircuitry
Return where you began.
You may confer patinas
Candid self disclosure
Gloaming imbued
Sunder  a pristine form.
You can question unceasingly
Create convoluted whorls 
Transmitting sardonically
The negation of truth.
But the truth stated
Random splintered shards
Subjective hypotheses
Emanating invariably from you.



Turrets, gothic, neo classical
Mingle with pinnacles and porticoes
Consecrating emblems of tradition
As inviolable moments of being.
As a corollary to the physicality
Of a visceral sport
The attractive spots of travel
Authenticate the visitors choice.
At times sinuous ponds, rivers
Coursing zigzag through suburbia
Lend to the topography of cities
Points of time exotic and enticing.
All this you proffer
As i traverse the shops
Hoping to crystallize my sport love
Into a material realization.
Yet after absorbing your visions of transcendence
I go back to the sitting room
Switch on the telly
And immerse myself in the intricacies of the game. 


Under the patina of purity
They hung up my carcass
Eviscerating my humanity
And purging the dross out of custom.
Yet it was their own ignorance
The gravelly, textured rasp of 
Darkness that underlay the 
Nobility of their utterances.
If the men impugned my difference
The women collude, by force of necessity
Symbiotically they expelled me from themselves
As the exhalation of a pent up breath.
Yet i, consecrated through defilement
Haunted the weft and warp of their minds
Turning their externalized projections
Into inturned unconscious fears.
I persist as a hallucinatory dream
That lives on beyond my mortal frame
I inhabit their quotidian oblations
With the taint of accursed mortality.
I am the mirror wherein
They negate the reflection they see
Clogged with denial, clotted with impetigo
Their suppurated egos atrophy .
Some enlightened being would obliterate
My palpable visceral facticity
Yet the fear of the self i engender
Will be immortalized, with time's passage.


Since i've become
The focal point
From which unravels
The circularity of nature
I am possessed of the power
To stem the tide of events
To my favor yet be irrevocably
Embedded in the aureole of finality
I've been enclosed within, against my will
If a matrilineality claims me
And validates my victimhood
Giving me a putative freedom
Stippled with the disembodied
Facticity of my womanhood
Then my straddling of the
Two worlds of man/woman
Makes me a neutrality
That transcends division.
Arabesques of luminousity stud
my being. Daubs of incandescence
Emanate because i am  the blueprint
Of myself. Embalmed by custom,
Consecrated as myth, it is me whose
Identity persists as the daguerrotype
Of monochrome renders me unidimensional.
Yet i am there and many find their
Selves corresponded to through me.
The devious moon refracts me
As an emblem of unsullied ravagement.
I affirm and negate and thus out of
The portals of culture become
A pellucid intimation of femininity


They exchanged numbers via orkut
Or rather, he accessed the community
Of metro gays and chanced upon this
Horny hunk desirous of erotic contact.
Yet, the prospect of meeting publicly
In the heart of the city, where the metro
Pulsated with human life, they traversed
The architraves of its porticoes hoping
That they'd miss each other yet longing to meet.
The foetid, musty air conditioned breath
And the imperceptible puffs of billowing 
Oxygen, the exfoliated, sweat festooned
Countenances, jostle in the penumbral gloaming
As homeward bound, jaded office workers
Return to scenes of bourgeoisie comfort.
Friction accelerates as flesh rubs against flesh.
Flayed arms, circumambulant backsides,
Tumescent knobs bespeak a ripple of
Suppressed eroticism. They cleave amid
This tableaux and their gropings in
This backdrop  seeks to twine the itch of
The flesh with the metaphysical quest
Of coming out.
The clogged, stertorous exhalations,
The palpitating engorgement transposes
To a neon imbued cool interiored bar
Where over a few beers and disco beats
A night of pleasure is consecrated.


Tremulous, unsure of its moorings
Yet congealed into stippled ideograms
It is self contained, self enclosed
Yet diffuses progression and entropy.
It transforms quotidian tableaux
Into frenetic, intersecting relationalities
And  binds through symbiosis, the sanguine
As well as the destructive.
As a constituent architrave component
Suffused with eldritch possibilities
 ennobling  healthful bounty
Or a descent into mortality.
By itself, impassive, it simply is
Though, through encroachments,it becomes that.

Studded with embryo's sancitity
The mother basks in happiness
Transmuting a personal tableau
Into a cultural emblem of affirmation.
A little, plump, burgeoning varicose veins
She feels her belly heave gently
While her polished, unwrinkled flanks
Are creased with tendons stretched far apart.
Into the moist cavity of her inner core
She validates her sense of being
And the nascent body, residing within
Is quarantined from temporal depredations.
This moment where her singularity
Must indelibly embalm her as she is becomes
Rather an archetypal manifestation and
Symbiotically binds her with the homologous woman.
She is worshipped as a fecundated bounty
Of proliferating the human form
While she, formless, featureless
Recedes into the cocoon of what she is made into.
Her antithesis pops a pill or insists
The man sheathe his tumescence
So that a random caprice doesn't
Become an irrevocable finality.
She can take pleasure in commingling
Without attendant self doubt and hold
The key to her inescapable femininity
That clogs the sperm and halts its course.
She eschews ubiquity, acculturation
And prefers to withhold what is needed most
By deferring and suspending pleasure
She dangles her womb like a leash.
Yet it is merely a waiting out
A battle with time, before inevitable entropy
Renders her choice an inexorable reality
And desiccates the fertile juices of her vulva.
But within the interstices of inhibited free will
She exults in the moments of pleasure
Which, dappled with iridescence, streaked
With freedom, striped with reprieve
Incandesce her physiological limits
Blurs the distinction of flesh with flesh
And over the rim of a brimming modernity
Makes her a metonym of the synthesis
Of an eviscerated past and an ennobling future.

Intermediate she,
Seduced by sophistry,
Under the spell of the contraband
Yields her unsullied pristiness
And lifts up a beatific countenance
To the prospect of knowledge.
It is her own unconscious
Whose intermittent promptings
Necessitate this transgression
And while consciously cognate, she
Nonethess, projects her subversion
Onto a wiry, sinuous serpent
Whose enticement externalizes
A subterranean craving.
Since she is but a conduit
For the apotheosis of man
She, rather seductively, incites
Her man to conflgarate iconoclasm
And sparks off a irrevocability
Whose ineluctable repurcussions
Grant her autonomy, a being
And transposes a hapless sinner
Into a trenchant feminist.
He, succumbing to temptation
Chooses knowing over ignorance as
In blatant disregard of the image
In the miror, the punitive superego
He knuckles down to primordial impulses
And makes of his consort a scapegoat.
Centuries later, he eviscerates her
Attributing his current depredations
To that primeval act of rebellion.
He rends her innards, inflicts violence
Splinters the frangible nerve ends
That juxtapose yet cleave 
Flesh to nerve, vulva to brain.
For her putative sacrilege
He denies her subjectivity
And, to counteract divine unreachability
Deifies himself and herself
And grandiloquently consecrates
A corporeal commonplace
To anthropomorphic plenitude.
Yet loose ends persist as
His love with his image
His communion with angels
The sacralised machismo
Underscores his collusion
to his kind whose metaphysical otherness
Counterpoints a tumescent, erectile bulge
That says everything about itself.
Impassive, indeterminate causality
Interspersed with capricious visitations
Looks on, bemused, at this vaudeville
Tableau of falsified intentions, egotisms
Prevarications and self deception.
Its gargantuan whimsicality
Detonates agency and will
While, secure in the integument
Of a deluded selfhood he/she 
Battle it out, inveterately oscillating
Between the fact of fatality
And the chimera of identity.


A gloaming that thickens encroaching darkness and bathes the luminous stratosphere with penumbra. The deepening viscous, misty obfuscation curdles the lucent mind and creases seamless whiteness as cream concentratedly wrinkles the surface of milk.
Striations of prevarication detonate and underscore iridescent affirmation yet the iridescence, putatively, is never obliterated but reconstituted into a new homonymy.
Shards of self deception stipple the palimpsest of unvarnished actuality yet the palimpsest, with its incessant configurations
doesn't distort but reconstructs apocrypha.
Streaked with the astringent tincture of prevarication dissembling doesn't befuddle the interlocutor unceasingly. Its opalescent contours, structural readjustments create a new reality.
The new reality, its underlying constituents are tableau vivants which underlie incandescent  moments of being. They reveal the illusory nature of a communal notion of what constitutes reality.
It is an act of preserving a precarious self. By imbuing evanescence with immutability, tenuousness with certitude, a point in time, a dotted metonym of life is embalmed.
Yet the dissimulation is impugned as a lie and subjected and relegated to the depredations of false morality. But it persists and crystallizes and asserts its intractability, a fluid intransigence, a contradictory recasting of truth against a world of certainty which unmindful of its illusoriness, proceeds ignorantly


The edges of the snapshot are frayed
And its lines are blurred.
It gives a picture of mine
Speckled by monochrome.

Foliage surrounds me
As clogged landscape
Rumples with striated
Furrows of soil.

Scruffy toes, dip into
The sand, burrowing inwards
Conjuring up a cloud of dust
That renders the atmosphere mauvish

As smudged clarity bespeaks a gloaming.
I occupy the fulcrum and yet am outside
looking on. Trying to understand how
A monolith me got crystallized into timelessness

Embalmed in a moment, at the drop of a hat
Into a permanent being, outside within
Temporality yet within,
Fixed, immutable and forever.

If i could speak for  my kind
Whose trials are similar to mine
I'd be representing for us
A ubiquitous , pervasive truth.
Flesh-                                             Gnarling, celluloidal striations
                                                        puckered skin, wrinkled, lined
                                                         threaded filaments across the eyes
                                                         weaving a hieroglyph of intersections.
Men-                                                  An object of desire becoming
                                                           an emblem of dignity. freedom webbed
                                                            wedged between who we thought we were
                                                            and how we've been redefined and restructured.
Sexuality-                                          Inner founts withering, desiccating.
                                                           Sources of pleasure and pain closed over
                                                            by the nether lips of desire, forever unconsummated
                                                             forever undefined and unfilled.
Mythology-                                              Metonyms of feminine graces and dignity
                                                                Nonconformity, at times, glorified as virtue
                                                                 Gelatinously congealed with accreted time
                                                                 and becoming facsimiles of what we were.
Though a facsimile presupposes a being
Whose wholeness dried up with age
But being shadowed in a pre existent penumbra
All oldness has brought is confirmation of nothingness.
Yet we exert an indefinable hold
Embalmed in certain moments of being
Transforming depredations of descent
Into a cornucopic time framed ideology.


Pleasure witheld
Is orgasm denied
And an incompleted orgasm
Insufficient repletion.
Delineated through fleshly topos
Engorgement proliferates
As the frenetic flow of blood
Tautens malleable muscle.
Order of things desires clefting
Through an act of being
Transmuting an impalpable need
Into liquiefied actuality.
Yet there are moments when
The orifice is an absence
Then the concavities of the fissure
Fold in upon themselves.
There could be tribadism, frotteuism
Or other forms release might take
But being the solitary transcendence onanism is
It eventually sinks back into the integument.
Gob like fusillades disseminate
As vertical horizontality teases
Turning the throbbing shaft
Into phosphorescent translucency.
As the expelling of subaqueous needs
Objectifies and materializes love
So the immanent being
Goes beyond the phallus.


My flesh is dissolving. I am undulating as layer after layer of my  skin peels off. The sinewy muscles contract,fold in on themselves. My integument  wavers as rinds of corporeality unpeel. And as the flesh, like the hieroglyphs in a palimpsest, erases and rebraids , I reconstitute myself into a new homonymy.
I am afforded a glimpse into my predicate.I lie entombed in the catacomb of my unconscious; inviolable, self contained, whose constituents  ricochet, jostle harmoniously and conjoin into a mosaic wherein variegated dimensions of my being are indissolubly amalgamated. My pupils dilate as the diaphanous folds of my skin stretch, the blood sings In my ears , the pulses throb and the marrow in the bones syncopate in the interstices of their cavities and cleave the declivities of differentiation, fusing into a seamless coalescence.
Yet as my being reconstructs I proffer votive genuflections to the ‘I’ that reposed within me which, rather than bleaching into non being , congeals itself into my flesh, imprints and transcribes itself as an incontrovertible reality which might to the ‘I’ that I am now seem like a simulacra but in the penumbral hinterland where my indistinct subconscious intersects with my impalpable being becomes a metonym of a contiguity. The mirror disperses and reweaves me and makes of me a work of art, reduplicating and negating, receding and proliferating.
My other selves, the selves my retina materializes  out of the ephemeral trappings they occupy unravel and intermingle with my now. Fusillades of reminiscences caterwaul as my engorgement replete, readies itself to liquiefy and expunge its subaqueous components. The emitted gobs are actualized manifestations of my inner yearnings. Yet as my innards contract and stretch, a ripple of inexpressible pleasure traverses my physiognomy, and like a bubble hovers on my cranium before bursting into orgasmic plenitude.
A valedictory absence, an inconsolable requiem in palpable carillons , studded with phosphorescent pasts, unfurls from my past selves which are now irretrievably lost. Yet they foreclose interdictory forebodings, recriminations of a lost ideality. They compose themselves into a kaleidoscope wherein ‘I’ , putatively undifferentiatedly singular becomes a chimerical carapace because it is stippled and whorled with my past selves. The past, within me, beyond me, enters me, imbricates me and crystallizes into an ontology  I narrativize as  the epiphany of a becoming.


Often, my nocturnal tumescent state
Imbued my being with disquiet
As fear of revelation coexisted 
With frenetic orgasms adroit
While my crenellated body
Could stipple my engorged senses replete
Yet a gnawing inadequacy
Could fusillades of energy deplete.
As i groped and probed my way
To funnel my identity through a prism
I encountered intractable discourses
As a suppurated ,ubiquitous aphorism
Yet invested with a substratum of sources
That divested me of my choiced mnemonic
Popular forms appropriated my choices
And made of it a penumbral architectonic
The panoplies of being who i am
Is no longer a simple assertion of identity
Overlaid with exigent political ideograms
It has assumed a density
Because as i cleave through the maze
To arrive at my innermost core
I would, embalmed, desecrated 
Become posterity's whore.
No longer is the quest to be
A simple act of trust
It is to carve a inviolable space
And wipe off the dross from the crust
As voices of counterpoint demonstrate
The accoutrements of reason
My own kind, through dubious acceptance
Become sources of unwitting treason.
As emblems of a certain being
That assimilated, part of a whole
Divests our identity's sanctity
And robs it of its soul.
Within a heterogeneous polyvalence
Self determination is all about
Living a life ,unrestrained by fetters
And celebrate oneself by coming out.


Water and light have a mutual symbiosis. They permeate each other's surface, enrich their contours, enhance their hues and create arabesques of luminosity that unwaveringly bespeak a transcendence of vision, a poetic revelation, the meaning of life, life itself. 
The solstice inhabits the stratosphere and illumines the waves. Striations of light, pinpricks of filaments dazzle, ricochet, bounce off and refract prismatically. An incandescent mosaic, self propelled, governed by its own intricate mechanism is caught between unceasing subterranean motion and outward placidity. The waves are advancing and retreating, the weft and warp of their ebb and flow is like air expelled and inhaled as in a breath. Streaks of sunlight plump out the hue of flowers and leaves whose drooping lineaments burgeon and unfurl , turning uplifted faces to the sun. Kissed by the wind, bleached of cloying odors they dapple the terra firma with  stippled daubs and brushstrokes, irradiating the kaeidoscope of vision. The waves , absorbing heat and light, emanate oleaginous unctuosity. Their evanescent immobility, momentary and infinitesimal reflects  human transience and ephemeral moments of being which slip through our fingers like mercury. Aquamarine opalescence merges indissolubly with the skyline and the horizon thus converged and compounded of dualities is rendered measureless and infinite. 
At the crepuscular gloaming of dusk, the waves breathe a different kind of life. Latent, nascent phosphorescent underlife, subsumed during the day, resurfaces. There is, under the moonlight, an importunity in the movement of the waves. Strands of sand crumble, dissolve and reconstitute as the waves move hither and thither. Submergence, never obliteration, is rendered palpable and vital in the subfusc penumbra. The foliage, the curlicued rocks, of varying smoothness, the susurrating cicadas, the sound of human voices, rising and falling cohere to create a tableaux that affirms life in its unconscious manifestations. In the hinterland between suspension of consciousness and a higher awakening, the waves are imperceptibly yet ineluctably interwoven into a dreamscape and divergent elements, myriad beings seamlessly cohere. Tenebrousness is never melancholic or dirge like. Rather it is that moment when as human freneticism pauses, the urgency of nature undulates and syncopates. In contradistinction with quietude and chaos a harmony is created which, composed of contradictions merges into an affirmation. The waves dance, the moon deploys illusion, indefatigable lovers intersect and disgorge primordial prothalamions. Life stirs, sinks into somnolent  cessation and a becoming is arrived at, a communion and collusion, reaffirming man's primal bond to nature.