Monday, May 13, 2013


The dark and the light intersect, mysteriously fused into a singularity.

The dark traces out on the terrain of representation its own web of associations and representations.

The light seeps out, permeates, engulfs and suffuses penumbra with streaks of disjointed fragments, refracting, ricocheting, jostling, severing.

The dark, with unequivocal conviction tries to obscure the white. By looming large, casting its tenebrous net wide, tangible lineaments are siphoned, incorporated while fluid, silvery lustrousness is sought to be circumvented and thereby eclipsed.

The light, in the teeth of erasure, scrolls its imperceptibly luminous hieroglyphs, stippling the incontrovertible black with its own indomitable presence. Rending monochrome it slices emptiness like a lancet, abrades nothingness with its opalescence and extricates, from a signification of blankness spaces of elasticity.

Dark and light commingle, enhancing, imbuing, intermingling so that while each hue is distinct it is also equally indistinct, superimposed upon its antithesis. Daguerrotype emerges.