Friday, March 29, 2013


Form-  I am the inviolable receptable who reins in your proliferative spillage
Content- I am the raison d etre for your being. I am, therefore you are.

Form- When i stud your crenellations with discipline, when i sheathe your inchoateness into a structure, i dapple your subject matter with incandescence.

Content- I exist immanently, independent of you. You are an artifice, a superimposition who circumscribes my primordial cauldron into a funneled catafalque.

Form- The architechtonics of your representation, your becoming, occurs through the shape i mold you into. The primevality you claim intersects with my recognizable blueprints , as they exist in collective consciousness. It is only when the pell mell nature of your narrative amalgamates with my classical formalism that contrapuntal readings emerge.

Content- you boast of ideograms of structures that embody you and are contained in culture . Yet i belong to that nebulous indeterminacy that transcends time, goes beyond divisions and becomes pure, unsullied storytelling.

Form- By claiming a prior existence you relinquish the constructedness of your being. It is through cognitive reshaping, imaginative realignment of your evanescent contours that the story emerges and it is here that i am indissolubly interlinked with you.

Content- you superimpose inexpressibly presumptuous structures of time and space. You cleave, cohere, rationalize and deny the unconscious its own frenetic means of expression.

Form- I am engraven inextricably to you. The moment you expel the word from your temporality to the page you become me because the shape you proffer to contain yourself in is only chimerically yours. In actuality it is something that has been there for a long while, chronologically unlocatable. You come to be by becoming. Therefore there never was a indivisible you. You made yourself and the making process is heraldically, emblematically me.

Content- Then one could say i am, because you are and you are because i am.


I am a conglomeration of self and image. As i peek over the rim of my subjecthood, my appraising consciousness reflects me back. Yet the aegis has changed because though undifferentiated, i have dispersed into forms of me, by me yet variegatedly reconfigured. Because perspectival contingency renders me dichotomous i proliferate. Yet while complacently sheathed i seek convergence. I want to be encompassed, incorporated by you. In a discernibly ineluctable way i see a soldering. Yet my consciousness of myself obtrudes, dragging me back from amalgamated pellucidity into refractions that are singular and therefore circumscribing.

You represent me. You re- present me by projecting, (pro) jecting me sanguinely. Yet within the prepossessing interstices of your ( our) indivisibility you proffer a glimpse of the nothingness, of the attrition of being which bifurcation entails. Because in thus, through symbiotic, siphoning off of remnants, oddments , through relinquishment of our cleavedness we are rent. Consciousness divides, subdivides, splinters into mnemonics whose intransigent singlehood betokens a protracted or rather perennial state of deracination.

Yet obtrusions contain nascent seeds of unification. Subterraneously the possibility of a mediating being awaits , irradiating our luminous halves, seeking unity. And this intermediary lives within both of us because as you see me, discern in my submerged depths phosphorescent transcendence so do i perceive, although indiscernible, the luminosity that underlies (under) lies the tenebrous gloaming of your impassivity.

Therefore though myriadly divided, a substratum of commingling lies nascent. Our interiorized gazes seek sublimation even as our exteriority repudiates its fruition through foreclosure. Yet perspective and being combine to become, to institute a new homonymy. And through these indeterminate intersections the queer glass splinters, its shards dissolving into primordial emptiness and beckoning a vision of metaphysics which renders us differentiatedly inseparable.


Infinitesimal moments contract, ejecting spurts of mnemonics which indelibly congeal into moments of being. Yet they are irradiated by luminescence, stippled with daubs of fleetingness, crenellated with a compendium of concatenated reminiscences whose ephemerality refracts shafts of being whose undimmed opalescence creates out of circumscription, spaces of transcendence.

Yet indistinct streaks of memory, imbued with momentariness solder a tenuous gloaming of recollections which inundate not with unvarying wholesomeness but dappled scrims of remembrance which, in the tenebrous hinterland of  unknowingness may disquiet but which in iridescent points of time, illumine the penumbral recesses of the psyche with incandescence.

Yet could a momentary moment or a temporality from which fragments are crystallized constitute a mode of being. Strung together into a garland of evocations can they institute transcendence. Metaphysics galvanizes propulsion through negation of putative barricades. In the oblivious oblivion of self communion, in its crepuscular shadows lies true transcendence because beings intersect unconsciously. The irrefragable indeterminacy of ontology renders their convergence sacrosanct. And it is in these maladroit fortuitousnesses that evanescence emerges, an evanescence whose precariousness is undepinned by its fleetingness yet whose persistence, continuance is reaffirmed through revisitation, recapitulation and resavoring. It is through the mediation of memory and consciousness that evanescence is embalmed and rendered an incontrovertible, impalpable yet resilient force of human life.