Saturday, February 9, 2013


Ensconced in the pellucidity of reflections
You reduplicate before me.
I see your variations within our sameness
Funneling out through our prism.

Yet, distorted, reconfigured you
In that crepitating froth of love
Disgorge fusillades of aphorisms
That contain leaving indefiniteness behind.

In that arena of intersections
We ricochet, refract, circumvent
And battle that which lies without
By resistance within.

My being could traverse your labyrinth
Leaving postulates unanswered
Stippled with the stigmata of denial
You streak transcendence with palpability.

The malodorous fumigations of effacement
Dapple you with solipsism's taint
And face it, without my reflecting you back
You are rendered meretricious, fake.

My silvered depths proffer the gloaming
Where your illusions conceal truths
But, like all reflections, unactualized
The unseen redoubles its clarity.

The opaqueness encompassing you must crack
For you to, inside out, unravel whole
For us, to blend seamlessly, without artifice
The glass must be broken.