Sunday, January 27, 2013


His blotchy skin was streaked with patches of color. The mottled red, the yellow of a burgeoning bruise, the dark purple of a crystallized one formed a concatenation of variegations that transfigured his staid impassivity into kaleidoscopic profusion. Not to mention the furry texture of his physiognomy , the stippling of reddish brown hairs on his arms, the protruberant belly and the remnants of an incompletely shaved stubble striating his upper lip and chin.When he smiled, he drooled, gobs of viscous passion sliding downwards , through the runnel of his foreground and terminating at the nether tip of his engorgement, glistening with intimations of actualization.

Him, on the other hand is curvilinearly curled up, the backbone bent over itself, doubled and then disentangling, resuming a static everyday posture. His skin is smooth and hairless and his youth a recalcitrant yet durable rebellion to the depredations of thickening, furring and flatulence. Yet he is irresistibly, irrepressibly obsessed with metaphysics. The confluence of incongruities is the form his leanings take and perhaps the tincture of sentimentality that completes his worldview renders him particularly inclined to indulge  propensities that might otherwise, in the arrogance of youthfulness, be subsumed in the penumbra of the unconscious where unprepossessing truths recline, latent yet forbiddingly palpable.

When they meet it is in a space where the intersections of their kind take place wherein a patronizing glance is directed by those who have willingly distanced themselves. A few raised eyebrows and an indulgent shake of the head as though disdaining contemporaneity while being different. Both, it seems when they meet, aren't unprepared because unidimensional representations have embalmed the nature of this convergence, dictated its dynamics and foreclosed transcendence. Yet the crenellations of metaphysics stud their integument, refracting corporeality and mingling with an undiscerned impalpable which is redoubled as a quest as its nebulousness is exacerbated. Both could realize the potentiality their bodies emanate, could make visible the throb and quiverings that prickle their tumescences yet they, of necessity seek to go beyond the temporal barricades their identities congeal in a two dimensional world where desire and its negation coexist.

Yet curiously enough when they do cleave, desirous of  a commingling that is divested of its prosaic accoutrements , an imperceptible yet visible metamorphosis occurs. The curled fronds of bearness studding his being rip off and lie in discarded debris. And him, on the other hand, bursts his nascent follicles and sprouts furriness. Yet by no means is the transmogrification full because a remnant of the original selves still  persists. The identities, however, dissolve through soldering . The gobs of  satiation are the leftovers of this soldering while the obliteration  of a dichotomy imbued worldliness is their recompense.