Thursday, December 12, 2013



This is who i am
And that's how i am to be
No more hiding in the closet
Fearing a normative we

I come into being, on my own
Fighting through demons within
I mean to affirm who i am
Discarding all fakeness therein

I've fought long and hard
To get to where i am
I believe in equality for all
Everything else is a sham

You may crush us down
With a harsh law
Defying basic humanity
That love oversaw

Yet we intend to keep fighting
Saying, again and again, that we exist
In the face of your obdurate lies
On our becoming, we persist.


I was the young gay boy
Who slashed his wrists
Letting the blood flow out
From my fist

I would swallow pills
Hating myself
Preferring death
Over life itself

As soon as i knew me
I ran away from the fact
Passing off as normal
With measured tact

The man who ravaged me
Scooped out any being i had
Left me with shredded selfhood
And incredibly sad

Soon as the knowledge sunk in
Of who and what i was
I considered choices before me
Taking a long pause

From knowing who i was
I finally became me
Throwing off manacles of constriction
I could myself be.


The moonbeams strike
Filled with luminous light
And my heart wells with love
At your sight

What you face today is dear to me
As a pain i want to relieve
I have been blessed by your presence
Now i want to give

As the stars flicker and gleam
The light in your eye fades
When you thus relinquish holding on
The caprice of fate abrades

I want to hold close to you
At this tenuous moment in time
You ebb, yet i am suffused with warmth
As my heart, with yours, chimes

The moment of reckoning will soon come
Our time together has been brief
But having seen eternity in our intersection
I transcend my grief.


I'm losing control
Dying within
Life navigates death
Drenched in sin

I grope for the knife
And slit my wrist
I feel with my fingers
My spine's hardening cyst

Mortality surrounds me
I exist in a limbo
Health unspools
Limbs akimbo

Yet in that moment of darkness
Slivers of light crept
Bemoaning how tenuous life was
I copiously wept

Trickling through those tears
Came a sense of calm
Life's very uncertainty
Became a balm

One could go forth and do
Or hang back, numb
Touch the shimmering surfaces
Or depths plumb

I guess i need to do my bit
Trying to contain a world vast
Surmounting my feeble mortality
With an impact to outlast

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