Friday, November 29, 2013



I am the guy
With the girly voice
Don't ask me my gender
I offer no choice

Mist curls off definitions
When names are let be
Words may be words
But i'm just me

If sex is made
And gender created
Then into the script
Many are stated

I'm the guy
With the feminine ways
Neither straight nor gay
Spreading in profuse rays

I alight here, perch there
Partaking of the whole
With my own soul

If sex is constructed
And gender made
Things, singly
Are rendered staid

I ricochet all over
Myriadly wide
Then categories of being
Become asides

I could be what i want
Be what i choose
Then does it matter
Which choice is whose.


I snuck downtown with a young gay mechanic
He said the roads meandered and turned
Running way from how others saw me
I spectacularly crashed and burned.

Dropping me he left a kiss on my cheek
I smelt his minty breath
And yeah he was a regular guy
But with reams of depth

I came, saw and became me
In that crossroad
In the teeming gay streets
I found my abode

All journeys go down to one
To be remade is to be undone

In a bar i ran into the mechanic
I felt his kiss graze my lips
He bought me two pints of beer
Which i drank, sip by sip

I fell for him as he did for me
Without knowing our pasts
I saw his grisly hair, rippling muscles
And saw a strong character cast

We moved in to his two room shack
And made love night and day
Having traveled afar, from the norm
I was finally having my way

The journey ended with love
While the stars twinkled eternally, far and above

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