Thursday, October 10, 2013


Reason buttresses incontrovertibly. It congeals eldritch dimensions of nebulosity and transfigures them. The faculty of reason is contingent on the act of will. Without conscious embalming gossamer hieroglyphs float indeterminately, jostling, ricocheting, severing and conjoining. Reason reconstitutes randomness. Reason renders luminous the gloaming of unreason. Reason creates, from the emptiness of non being, a becoming.

Reason rationalizes, specking with logic, studding with ratiocination, stippling with coherence. Reason negates polymorphousness because in the multitudinous coexistence of unconscious constituents it founders. Reason is at once, immutable and evanescent, capable of crystallizing tenuousness and configuring the inchoate. The crenellations of reason transmogrify amorphous wisps of unknowingness into structures of cognition. Reason rends chaos, clefts the irrational, sheds the superfluous and reinscribes, with its inveterate sanctification, the stamp of unequivocal truthfulness.

Yet reason, despite its intractability is infinitely protean because its entrenchments depend upon the aegis of subjectivity. Reason, in its singular manifestations frays the edges of its own intransigence. Yet the coordinates, through collective complicity, retain their obduracy.

Reason comes to be through non being. Reason creates non being to be. By siphoning of the extraneous, by divesting the appendages of that which is unimportant, or important enough to be eschewed. Reason is negation. Reason is a superimposition of its own telos upon unknowable ontology. The faculty of reason is simultaneously circumscriptional and transcendent. In its interstices, with their imperceptible obtrusions lies the irrational. Reason holds its breath and compresses unreason in its diaphanous folds. But such pressure, withheld, billows out into arabesques of irreality.

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