Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is a story that begins with a mirror.

This is a story which reflects itself back to itself.

This is a story which reflects its reflection by reflecting on its reflection.

A reciprocal narrative is reflected back to it.

Or what is reflected back is the reflection of a reflection.

Reflections are necessarily illusory

Reflection reflecting reflection is illusion redoubled.

Reflections refract streaks of knowledge. Knowledge reflects itself to reflection by reflecting itself.

The search for truth propels the mirror to reflect its reflection. However due to reflection seeking itself through reflection truth is momentarily bypassed because once reflected it becomes a reflection of itself and is rendered apocryphal.

Reflections both reflect and (re) flect. Hence there is both representation and (re) presentation.

The ellipticals of reflection reaffirm the reflexiveness of reflection. And since reflexiveness is, of necessity, a (re)flection of a reflection we come back to where we started.

This is a story that begins with a mirror.

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