Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quintet of love poems

Syncopated ululations
Demonstrate love's travails
Yet the inveterate lover
To no avail

Subverts the interstice
Of love anticipated and lost
Though at which junction
At what cost?


Iridescent specks of memory
With experience conjoin
While the lover from these slivers
Moments purloins

Yet these moments of being
Illumine with commonsense
Imbuing lucidly
Even phenomene dense.


My love for him is a stipple
Of the vast hinterland of love
Self contained, that fragment
Conquers all far and above

When moments render suspect
Avowal of felling deep
We seek to our mutuality
And lie entwined, asleep.


You hold up to me a mirror
Wherein i see myself
Through your aegis as complete
All in itself

Is the force of my perception
A measure of what i believe
Or are the significations you proffer
What i unambivalently receive.


If experience is dappled
With self conscious doubt
Then love atrophies
Spontaneously without

As incontrovertible epiphanies
With feeling felt reside
Hence you and me persist
Despite all odds, beside.

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