Saturday, October 19, 2013


Recollections stud fancy with fact
Imbuing remembrance with tact
While memory abrades the self same fact
Leaving only the recollection intact.

Iridescent specks of consciousness dissolve
Streaking thinking with being
Yet mind would rather not be seeing
Of being and becoming, just resolve.

Luminous is the love which, recumbent
Which Makes it on loving, incumbent
The gaze of the other as one's own
And the coalescing of thoughts grown.

Might not such an inward gaze
Yield pleasurable self communion
Could not the possibility of disunion
Become, instead, a traversable maze

Negating the other could calamitously involve
Denying a verisimilitude of self
On the negator would devolve
Abrogation of self itself.

Though needing an other to validate
architectonics of identity
Would, of necessity, repudiate
Reality of diffusity

Memory, henceforward conjoins,
From collectivity purloins, the
Factuality of being as a self made choice
In which a become self would rejoice.

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