Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The sun rose. Somnambulant consciousness, subsumed in thick waves of torpor, stretched its recumbent constituents. Memory, sharpened by the incandescent light stirred softly, imperceptibly. Eyes, gummed with sleep, unclosed and the pinpricks contracted as a sliver of light pierced through it. The eye blinked, opened, paused for a moment as though resisting the penumbra of sleep that would contain it and opened yet again with a finality, with unresisting determination as though to begin the day with alacrity and decisiveness. The obdurate frame too, twisting and turning, expanded musculature, unknotted the contraction that sleep induced .

Memory, always alert, quickened forces of perception. It had lain quietly in the dark, roiling, ebbing and flowing with dreams, spectral presences, wish fulfillment and fancy. Expansive memory deepened diurnal consciousness, imbuing the quotidian reality of daytime with phosphorescent underlife. Yet memory too, in complicity with sleep, had though indubitably active, slackened its intractable hold. The dreamer could dream on, stippled by moments of disquiet, sometimes woken from nightmarish visitations before sleep reclaimed and folded him into its plumage of nothingness.

Memory, unavoidably oleaginous flits unctuously through the inner chambers of the mind, traversing its myriad untapped potentialities, consciously indiscernible unconscious. Memory peregrinates the crenellations of collective consciousness, alighting on a fragment here, perching on a remnant there. Memory transmutes moments of being into conspicuous dapples that irradiate and illumine in segments yet, by osmosis, remain threaded to the larger consciousness from which they broke free before attaching themselves to the conscious.

Outside the wave advances, deposits sediments, retreats only to reemerge, as though the cyclical pattern of its continuance is the certitude informing a precarious world. Yet with each ebb a newer consciousness of metamorphosis underpins the hithering and thithering. So do memories reconstitute by refracting streaks of associations which, with each visitation hold up causality with pellucid transparency before merging wholly, incontrovertibly with a larger mode of being.

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