Friday, September 13, 2013


The thought juts out
From abstruse cogitations
Meandering the fringed
Depths of nothingness.

The thought brims over the rim
Blurring memory and consciousness
Transmuting iridescent intimations
Into funnels of the unknown

The thought, gravid, deleterious
Curls up under the amniotic womb
Sifting the ebbs of circularity
To arrive at a inviolable core

The thought surges and forges
Into runnels of self consciousness
changing disembodied abstrusities
By carving veracious whorls.

The thought, thickens here, deepens there
Quickening forces of perception
Flattening out incongruous remnants
And speckle recollections with essences

The thought, after traversing these quadrangles
Negates the labyrinth it peregrinated
Through irradiating with loops of self knowledge
The thought folds back on itself.

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