Friday, September 6, 2013


'Look at that collection of shakespeare over there. Covers embossed in gold with reddish gold spines .'

'Shakespeare was always allocated the southwest corner. And the hallowed texts, embalmed by tradition were always to be entombed in regal integuments.'

'And that title of Muriel spark there, 'The mandelbaum gate'. How exciting to find it there. How my spirit burgeons, exults and venerates this vast canopy of learning, where under the awning of a consecrated space emblems of erudition repose.'
Muriel spark was always to be found in rare bookshops. In fact, the specificities of book selection and stocking follows, often random caprices wherein what one has least hoped to find was inevitably to be found.'

'The corniced ceiling, the walls studded with wooden shelves, jutting out where lie waiting, indeterminate assortments of books is an expectation that one has from all bookshops.'

'Here lies a collection of georgette heyer's, there a collection of Agatha christie. All was incontrovertibly to be conglomerated in neat slots. See that Miss marple omnibus jutting out.'

'That's exactly where i had anticipated Marple to be, a prominent detective who, by virtue of her unconventionality, occupied a luminous space among her more active, muscled male counterparts.'

'Poetry, an august genre, inhabited a crepuscular yet prominent realm there . See how the slim covers authoritatively reside, hoping, yet disdaining, the uncultivated taste of the modern reader who unappreciative, undiscerning, overlooks, bypasses, sidesteps and moves on to the shelf with colin dexter in it.'

'Poetry, i see is in the shadows yet like all shadows, self contained and indivisible. Byron, shelley keats who, in their exploration of the myriad intensities of human consciousness coexist with the ranting plath and the elegantly whorled Heaney.'

'That's the blueprint of a bookshop for you.'

'Indeed it is, actualized now. '

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