Tuesday, September 17, 2013


She, poised, cogitates on the glistening apple, at the rind where the serrated edges of her teeth have left imperceptible indentations. Knowledge flows through her yet history, in collusion with power, negates any possibility of apotheosis. Yet, the apple, receptacle of wisdom, repository of knowledge, compendium of constituent permutations yields, through its self mediation, a nothingness, a blankness.

Was the apple a medium that rendered ignorance null or did it intensify pre determined knowledge? Even before the sin she was an absence, a negation, an invisible fulcrum around whom the being of man was predicated. It is absence redoubled both as an absence of being and as an obliteration of ontology. Such coming into being, as there is, emerges from the absence where her presence lies, the emptiness from which identity unravels. It is almost as if the apple is a mirror. She peeks into its eldritch depths and sees non being. Were the mirror to yield a blueprint of any being her abstention snuffs out even that possibility. unknowing meets unknowability. Knowledge founders in its own chimera. 

The intermediary apple, the inveterate conduit , has not proffered a being to create from the anteriority of non being. But it has left, infinitesimal stipples of becoming, slivers of possibilities whose configuration could crystallize an indeterminate self. She has had to wait centuries before her lot can asseverate their indubitable being. There have been piquant moments of rebellion, momentary restitutions but ontology, the ineluctable carapace has managed to, incessantly, foil expectations again.

She could trace out her own indivisible being by traversing temporality but her soldering to the collective makes it impossible. She could suspend disbelief, make a leap of faith, return to the amniotic womb, reclaim it and carve out an incontrovertible being. But such imprimaturs would replicate the original impulse of partaking of the apple. The ensorcelled mirror /apple would proliferate fusillades of illusions and extinguish becoming. 

Having established that the mirror/apple represents both being and becoming she navigates the renewed temporal. She eschews linearity. She appropriates a daub here, a mnemonic there. From the remnants of non being she comes to become. She cleaves yet remains singular, amalgamates yet is disparate. She has not cut off the knot of the amniotic being but she has, from its phosphorescent penumbra come into being. This is her, here, now.

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