Thursday, August 29, 2013


Images, bespeak ambivalent hues of truth
Concealing, revealing, contingent on seeing
They, on the caprices of the onlooker
Configure kinetic being

An abstraction can yield a carapace
Or a simulacrum of fact
The mirror, faithful reflector
Registers all with tact

One can see what one wants to
Or what there is
Irrespective of what is proffered
The self thinks ; i am this

If what is seen is what is sought
Reduplication renders indubitable
The narcissism identity contains
Redoubles as irrefutable

If, au contraire, that which is seen
Is indicative of reality
Then obliterated are traces
Of solipsistic ideality

Either way the mirror subverts
Crenellations of a being subjective
We may see whatever we choose to
It, persists impassive irrespective.

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