Tuesday, August 6, 2013


She disrobes before the mirror/pool in the enchanted forest , unraveling rippling folds of integument. She divests herself of the appendages that made her what she is and dons, momentarily, the pure undistilled essence of being. She is a tabula rasa, a palimpsest from whose being being itself has been erased. Indeterminate hieroglyphs abound, waiting to be transcribed, sheathed to the grand narrative of a larger being into which, eventually, she is to mold herself, reconfiguring into a part to fit a whole, a singularity to blend with the collective. Yet importunately she resists this foreclosure , expecting that, thus disrobed, a glimpse into the mirror/pool would yield some bulwark wherein her being, being as herself, would materialize and embalm fluidly her protean being.

For she has just been through an ordeal through fire . By some abstruse lacuna in metaphysics she has survived. But survived what? A proof that the being she was held to be was the being she was. A validation that her being, divorced from becoming, conferred sanctity. A anomaly that her being seen as being was actually a negation of being, a relinquishment of selfhood and an abnegation of identity. She traverses eldritch realms of fortuitousness, she navigates the maze of her inessential femininity only to arrive in this lonesome spot, before the mirror/pool, where the pool of being reflects an absence, an impasse, a zone of non being.

Yet absence contains, within its interstices, the potentiality of becoming. In this disgorging the accoutrements of her enclosures she repudiates the being conferred on her. In being an absence she circumnavigates the circumscription of what defines her to arrive at an anterior beginning which is where she,in collusion with structures of telos,predicates her daguerrotyped singularity.

However a wistfulness for anteriority doesn't yield a symbolic being for her to merge with. In fact, in thus staring the mirror she is suffused with a sense of infinite possibilities. She sees herself as self contained yet self creating. She can reconoitre the enclosed definitions and ,in thus, iridescently agleam in the pellucid moonlight, with the moon casting ricocheted refractions around the silvered rim of the mirror, be what she wants to be, be what she becomes.

The fire had left encrustations and indentations that engirdled her soul. In the forest, before the mirror/pool she obliterates the dross, reconstitutes and begins afresh.

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