Friday, August 30, 2013

Recollections of dreams.

Specks of the unconscious
Denote pinpricked mnemonics
Congealing through remembrance
Into vivid dreams
Consciousness frays its interstices
To stud fancy with fact
As that which is desired melds
With that which is.

Retroactive reminiscences
Finalities convey
Imbuing the multitudinousness of dreams
With infinitesimally temporal streaks
Abstruse sophistries fail
To capture evanescent contours
Of the nebulosity of the past
And the untapped map of the future

The present is the fulcrum
In the interpretation of dreams
Sagging, threaded edges circumvolute
Reality's threadbare seams
Yet the reality represented
Transcends the real it contains
And towards the realm of a beyond
Hinterlands of dreams pertain

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