Sunday, August 18, 2013


As consciousness abrades against cognition
The moon, pellucid and impassive
Rends its edges and frays its surfaces
While perception moves on and on
The lunar circularity replicates and reiterates
The folly of sunny, sanguine hope
And undermines the agreeably illusory with
A tincture of disenchantment

This, then, is the moon where
Indefatigably inconstant lovers meet
Ululating carillons of fidelity while
Seeking under recumbent moonbeam
An expiation from love's travails so that
While they profess ardently the throes
They conglomerate in dissevering hordes.

The illusion underscores tenuous reality
By counterpointing the real's chimera
Under the scintillating shadows
A desiccated countenance becomes regal
Hierarchies and structures overturn
Superfices and depths commingle
Intersection of multiplicities transcends
Quotidian oblations of conformity

Coruscating neon refracts silhouetted reflections
Shadows ebb and flow, mingle and disperse
Reams of knowledge dissolve into pixels
Of unauthenticated conjunctions of experience, stressing
Not just the carapace truth is
But the transgressive potentiality of fancy.

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