Friday, August 2, 2013


Being and becoming are tenuous yet durable. As importunate being congeals, fluid becoming adapts. As resilient becoming transmogrifies, being attenuates.

Being and becoming are indivisible yet separable. As being contracts, becoming expands. As becoming proliferates, being circumscribes.

Being and becoming are illusory yet factual. As the myth of being burgeons, spectral becoming fabricates . As ineluctable becoming actualizes, being becomes fiction.

Being and becoming are opalescent yet penumbral. As being irradiates, becoming is silhouetted. As becoming incandesces , being is rendered crepuscular.

Being and becoming affirm and negate. As being validates, becoming becomes apocryphal. As becoming is crystallized, being obliterates its intransigence.

Being and becoming delude yet clarify. As being gets pellucid, becoming recedes into shadow. As becoming juts out, being is encased in doubt.

Being and becoming become and are. When being is, becoming becomes. When becoming becomes, being becomes.

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