Sunday, July 21, 2013


Reposing on the other side of the globe is a beaming countenance. Does its smiling aspect convey an inner composure? Does the striped shirt, studded with black buttons suggest a sartorial proclivity towards the penumbral? Do the deep set blue eyes, with iridescent specks, hint at an unseen merriment or does the whole package of probity, humorous seriousness demonstrate a veracity of being.

Possible, perhaps to discern the depths of being through the lens of the screen. Possible, indeed to extrapolate from the blueprint of one's own being the dimensions of the other. The wall, streaked with variegated posts suggests an air of unseemly ribaldry intersecting with flashes of erudition. The featureless expanse is suggestive of innumerable possibilities. Stippled with different photographs, with a concatenation of differently composed  individuals aspects of profusion, of life stretching infinitely into innumerable configurations, begins to suggest themselves. The ebb and flow of the screen, depending as it does on the movements of the retina recompose lineaments into multifariousness.

Can a face and indeterminate postings, sometimes written circumspectly, at others injudiciously give a glimpse into being. Is the screen a looking glass over the rim of which distinct forms become palpable so that as the image/truth lengthen and gather palpable shape and the eye expands and sighs with imperceptible pleasure at the absorption of myriads of truths about the human condition. Or does the impersonality of the screen render nebulous any pathways of perception. The optical neurons trace out the associations of physiognomy, consciousness sifts through the labyrinth of their inexhaustible richness and as the faculty of reason intrudes an epiphany burgeons and bursts into arabesques of knowledge and singularly collective filaments of perception.

The looking glass, by itself, remains impassive but the transformation of perception it has wrought becomes a way of life. Images refract prismatically, spectral presences gather tangible accoutrements and enfeebled senses, perhaps dismayed with the actual, seek solace by plumbing the mysteries of humankind through the incandescent virtual.

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