Wednesday, July 10, 2013


In the penumbral gloaming
Under the coruscating neon
The hall of mirrors rippled
With intersecting reflections.

Where one began and
The other ended proved
Indeterminate because
Though singular the images
Retaining sameness of representation
Reduplicated their constituents.

When i glance at you
Over the rim of my subjectivity
I congeal gelatinously
Into a predetermined blueprint,
A pattern you brought into being
Projected on me and embalmed
As ubiquitous.

Entrapped in the incandescent
Halo of your perception, i disavow
Me and in this relinquishment
Replicate yet disperse, attenuate
Yet crystallize

However the hall of mirrors
Proliferating images
Suspends disbelief in its own
Illusion by creating a simulacrum
Of what is perceived as real though
What perception and reality are
Is left unanswered.

The facsimile of perception
Underscores knowledge
As veracity is divested
And in its place
An enclosed daguerrotype of
Univocity is insinuated.

Though encapsulated by you
My sliver of being, contained though
Unobliterated begins to assert its
Indubitable presence. As knowledge
Is seamed the layer of artifice, which is
Your superimposition as universal, is
Stripped. Shadows, within consciousness
Recede and filaments of selfhood emerge
From the interstice of your cold hall of mirrors
That the image is a lie
And subterranean palimpsest another dimension
Of multifarious reality.

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