Thursday, July 25, 2013


Your definitions define you
At the cost of what you're not
Yet what you're not is ironically
That in you which you can't do without

Could a latent desire for projection
Produce such alienating results
Could your constant mythologizing
Render you a consecrated cult

Though what you leave out
Asserts itself amid your denial
By attesting to its indubitability
Insists on a reappraisal

We come to be through negation
An absence we metamorphose to affirm ;
The multiple reflections consciousness refracts
 Our  ineluctability  confirms

Your inadequate platitudes
Reveal what is hidden
Within your own aegis
Our reality comes unbidden

Reflections are necessarily illusory
Validating at the cost of erasure of being
Showing the sanguine, repudiating the uncongenial
They, alternate forms would rather not be seeing.

Still we don't use the forms you deploy
To ratify, that you alone exist
By exploring your  apocryphal constructs .
On our coexistence we persist

Love is a definition definitionless
In which, concerning us, you mouth vitriol
But do recall that in  the paraphernalia of existence
Neither you nor we have the right to control.

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