Monday, July 29, 2013


Spilling with noble intent, goodness unfurls her plumage. It is with the desire to be acknowledged and to affirm that it permeates the consciousness of its bearers. Goodness suffuses the inchoate impulse towards altruism with concentrated density. It brings into being, from the nebulous hinterland of indiscriminate and attenuated shafts of probity, a clear hewn and focused line of veneration. It expostulates with the weak willed, severs their ignoble impulses from themselves and countenances no demurral to itself. In that sense goodness is both unyielding and tractable. The more forceful its manifestation the more oppressive its scatteration while the more circumspect its ministrations the more authentic its reception. Indubitably though it bears the insignia of itself and renders fluidly obdurate, apocryphally veracious and obtusely pellucid its ambiguous intimations of a way of life.

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