Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A young man is a budding poet.Everyday he writes notes on fb and tags people onto them. Initially people respond and as the tags continue the response recedes. Yet the young man compulsively tags people and it gets to a point where tagging replaces the desire for response and becomes a raison d etre in itself.

A young woman is in a relationship. The man she is engaged to is on fb. Soon she begins to realize that his fb persona and real persona are totally different. And as the irreconcilability intensifies they stop seeing each other completely. However they interchange through facebook and soon she realizes that she has become, as a fb person, exactly what he expects from her in an online space. Real life replicates itself.

A woman is seeing two different men through facebook. With one she feels emotional satisfaction and with the other physical. The man with whom she's comfortable asks her to marry him and the man with whom she's emotionally comfortable asks her to marry him too. The woman tells them both that she loves the other one. At once the emotionally bonding man makes love to her forcefully and the physically bonding man begins assiduous inquiries about her emotional life.

A young woman finds herself getting defensive about rape and is vocal in expressing her disgust at chauvinist men. Her criticisms are certainly valid yet her ideological fervor intense. She finds, on one of her forays a young woman in a miniskirt ,posing in a bar with 4 male friends. The next few months reveal posts by the aforementioned young woman detailing her rape and how hellish it was .And the woman thinks 'well, she was asking for it'.

A woman meets a young man online. And they bond really well. They start by exchanging pleasantries and then share their lives with each other through messages. The woman nourishes hopes that the she would eventually meet him and the possibility of a relationship burgeons in her. One day she glances at his profile and discovers that he is gay. That evening, at the usual time she types in a hello and begins conversing.

A married woman, with a husband and a teenage son. A perfect suburban setting. Yet the woman feels lonely, dissatisfied, empty, listless. She joins facebook to alleviate her loneliness and finds a man for whom she feels attraction. They chat and the woman builds hopes of a parallel romance. One day she discovers the man has blocked her. Hiding her shame she goes and types in xx on a mutual friend's post and prepares supper.

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