Sunday, July 21, 2013


Straight man- You postulate an alternate episteme, a zone of knowledge beyond what is there. You render permeable intractable barricades and make subjective certain universal truths.

Queer Theorist- I merely render amorphous your self enclosed definitions. By wrenching your solipsistic aegis outwards i i question the narrowness of your vision.

Straight man- But such a vision as i have has been, since anteriority, ubiquitous. The ebb and flow of rational consciousness has crystallized the veracity of our presence.

Queer theorist- Things exist in relation to one another. What there is draws attention to what's left out. You presuppose categories and phenomena as though they were pervasive. All i do is question the universality of your perspective.

Straight Man- Temporality and spatiality are endowed with their own indivisible constituents. An absence, a void of nothingness cannot rear its head and demand presence. You emerge out of the blankness of existential being and make inexpressibly intransigent claims to validity.

Queer Theorist- But ah you see we never assert validity and neither does your affirmation validate us. We interrogate the congealed eldritch architectonic of your obduracy and out of your kitsch representations and stereotypes make a case for the subjectivity, expediency and relativity of your own being.

Straight Man- I notice that you demonstrate a typical postmodern position of indeterminacy. But such definitions as have existed for so long must have a certain significance. Granted that temporality is relative and phenomena uncertain but to assert that our being itself is nebulous is to undermine the foundations of our existence.

Queer theorist- A very impassioned and voluble asseveration but reason itself is a property of the contingent. And foundations are, by their very nature, precarious and buttressed by a false consciousness of chimerical absolutes. Your being, which you fondly posit as eternal is the product of othering, erasure, obliteration and willful negation.

Straight man- But why must we negate?

Queer theorist- A fascinating query i answered at the beginning. Definitions work through negation. A thing is what it is in relation to what it is not. You conveniently repudiated our indubitable authenticity by presuming ubiquity which could only come to be by denying us to be.

Straight man- Well you've always been there and we've been in denial. However what restitution does universality confer?

Queer theorist - It affirms an imprimatur of sanctity and an undeniable authority before which other forms of being are eclipsed. We don't necessarily say we are as natural as you are. We question the ontology of your putative permeation. Once you start going back to your history the temporal vistas will undulate ad infinitum and a search for answers shall yield further carapaces. Best to agree on our mutual unknowingness and coexist democratically.

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