Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Was this the moment when,
Drenched in sin, desirous of absolution
He transmogrified error into virtue.
Or was it at this point in time that
Needing to project, to extricate vice
To affirm virtue he crystallized his
Expiation by blaming her.

This was the moment when
Irradiated with knowledge, suffused
With luminous hope she though she'd discover
The secret of the cosmos.
At this point in time where
The mysteries of the universe were putatively
Resolved she discovered the ultimate of all mysteries;
The cognitive failure of being transmuted as punishment
For original sin.

What they both, in the crepuscular realm of
Nothingness discovered was an obliteration of memory.
Instead of anteriority they located a blank palimpsest
Where they wrote and rewrote narrative history
Embalming as sacerdotal that which depended
On tautology for its existence.

Today they bear the imprint of their actions.
She receded, he thrust forwards and now her steps
Progressing rapidly attenuate to the indeterminacy of
Consciousness, bemoaning then asserting, the ratification
Of her lot.

A university professor and a feminist argue their
Case's ins and outs. Divagations proliferate, rationality is
Promulgated, diplomacy eschewed. Yet their story endures.
As a demonstration of the uselessness of ignorance
And the purposelessness of knowledge.

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