Sunday, July 28, 2013


A sliver of thought detaches itself from consciousness and takes on a form of it's own. Yet it remains threaded to consciousness by imperceptible filaments of being. It becomes consciousness. It becomes memory

Memory traverses layers of consciousness and plumbs from their unperceived recesses mnemonics whose surfacing is nebulous as its submergence. An incident, a thought jolts memory, memory moves hither and thither, extracting from its receptacle a latent thought, through associations of causality, and embalms it.

The thought, subterraneously immanent, needs temporality to jut out from the conglomeration of repositories of other thoughts that constitute its kaleidoscopic existence . It needs the external propulsion of memory to blend with and become memory itself.

Consciousness is composed of movements both nebulous and uncapturable. Consciousness hurls the random deteritus of memory, being, unconscious and becoming hither and thither. Vastly capacious paraphernalia dissosciate yet conjoin, dissever yet solder whilst remain in a state of durably tenuous interlinkage with the consciousness from whence they emerge.

The unconscious is the opalescent penumbra which underlies consciousness.Though cleaved through memory it takes on a distinct life of its own. Patterns of tautology underscore its inessential continuity. Such repetitive thought processes become memory as they blend with the conscious .

The flow of being, indivisible and ineluctable, stitches together these phenomena of itself. Being is the tabula rasa before whose inviolability fragments of consciousness,memory, thought and unconscious crystallize into a mode of being, a way of life. When they all converge, a being becomes.

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