Monday, June 17, 2013



Many a tremulous tale of love
Unfurls beneath the moon
Many a lass fall under the spell
Of a handsome prince and swoon
She reclines in his arms recumbent
Under the red moon crescent
The future is full of doubt
So she seeks comfort in the present
Back home there will always be
Ceaseless and thankless toil
Whether it be cooking or washing
Or tending to the poutry in soil
She wishes to run away
Alongside this man of her dreams
Reams of love unravel from her
And try to consolidate love's seam
Meanwhile the moment extends
To strike at  midnight a bell
Beckoning with importunate demands

A return to her cheerless cell.


A cavalcade of butterflies
Hover near the geraniums
Suffused  with color
In the bright sunshine
Deluged with this rainbow
The eye alights on the flower
Kaleidoscopic profusion
Mirrors inward incandescence
The geranium in the bosom of woman
Attaches indelibly to beauty
Outer beauty is merely a refraction
Where lies agleam the beauty within
Shade and sun  act upon the geraniums
Flashing ephemeral pinpricks of light
Greaved with iridescent gossamer wings
Emerges a chrysalis out of nowhere
The mortal frame rejoices
In nature, evanesent and brief
Only to alleviate with its iridescence
Life's sorrows and grief


Noisy intrusions
Into my sinus
Proclaiming raucously
Deficits of myself
Masculinely nasal
Ugly gutturals cast
Penubral shadows
On sunlit pavements
Projecting outwards
Inner dissonances
Feeding on the cadaverous
Weightlessness of the body
You're caught out
Your hovering muzzle
Nosing amid my innards
For a scrap of putrid flesh
You recede from my vision
Divested of menacing verbiage
You're just a puny remnant
Egoistic bastard professor


Initially you were a hieroglyph
Whose language was indecipherable
You doodled on the notepad of my mind
With faint, gossamer murmurings
I knew who you were in theory
As a immutable, frozen fact
You were not yet fringed in memory
As you would eventually become
Falling in love with you is contagious
O opium of the sinning soul
I inhale the acrid darkness you proliferate
So much so that without you i am empty
Yes, it is the emtiness you feed
Though emptied out of meaning you are
You are a dimension, a horizon
Where both hell and heaven meet.
Ours is a relationship of mutual dependence
Yet we do hate each with all our breath
You beckoned, i yielded time after time
Yet the resilient me fought to the end o death.


Like candle wax drips darkness
From each crevice of my self
All orifices of my being
Spell out the finality of death
You, suffused with aphorism
Try to extricate me from inferno
By dint of cognition, ratiocination
You endeavor to blunt my sensibility
I have a voice of my own
Repressed subconsciously 
But with spurts of lava my
mellifluous cadences bespeak the end
For you, i am a chemical or
A figment, whimsical and momentary
You drown my voice with drugs and
The deceptive talk of your representatives
The world for me is a foreboding
Of the triumph of chaos over order
Yet the imp within you questions ideas
and what they are and  seem to be
I have thrown into disarray your assumptions
Endangered and alienated you from yourself
Ultimately you may prevail but my
Crepuscular intimations will haunt you forever.


I  see incandescent tassels
Cloth cleaved with fabric
As a needle threads the silk
I weave my web of words
Down the runnel of my spine
Rasps deliciously your voice
Greaved with silvery richness
In it i melt and quiver
Raindrops cleanse me inside out
My head is sluiced in water
Life unfurls like a tremulous petal
Like an emergent chrysalis
You create loops of language
They croon soothing lullabies
I rock in my cradle to and fro
And like a babe fall asleep
I settle into multitudinous forms
I stretch to the farthest verge
i am merely a mortal sheath
That clothes eternal my immutable soul
You take me to task with pain
Yet oozes from you life's essence
You carry me  to apocalypse
Then plonk me into the cauldron of zeitgeist

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