Monday, June 17, 2013



Take a lethal noun
To imprint on the gravel
Metamorphose cloying verbs
Into incendiary adjectives
Blunt the edge of the page
Desecrate its hallowed space
Inject with conflagarate fumes
Transgressions astringent tincture
For out of glittering quartz
Emerges the finest diamond
Out through crystallization
Solidify cleaved cracks
Reams of thought unravel
Are scattered into print
Held together by seams
Of the act of construction.
Amalgamate disparate elements
Peregrinate the eye of mind
Hurtled through space at a pace
A poem, the reader will find.


Words flowed from him
Suffused with layered meanings
Thought and intent's amalgam
Cascaded down to the listener
Uncommunicative he, cogitated
On that which was said
While wrenched were contexts
That were partly true yet untrue
For the most articulate conversations
Reside in the penumbra of seeing
Seeing which is at once perceiving
Perception which transmutes to analysis
Thoughts passed down his cranium
And travelled up his spine
However honeyed speech might be
Unravelled would be its intricacies fine


The cryptic utterance of love
Of a self for another in
The whirling storm of the mind
Time's syncopated beat accelerates
While the other becomes an object of
The cryptic utterance of love
Metamorphoses the unveiled mollusk
While sussuration of love overlays
The whirling storm of the mind
Extrapolates outwards from within
Like a inside out glove unravelling through
The cryptic utterance of love
Folds in inwards like a concavity
That which is both within and without
The whirling storm of the mind
This strange feeling of single togetherness
Which suffuses in its totality and wholeness
The cryptic utterance of love

The whirling storm of the mind

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