Monday, June 17, 2013



Glittering like oval, particolored
You package yourself to mock
While human nature unfurls rapidly
Of whose follies you take stock
Mingling both the profane and sacred
Your red lips puckered and pursed
Self deprecatory, a caricature of yourself
You are, to simulate comedy, cursed
Life and death are inextricably entwined
Pours comic misery in your form
Through variations of a hackneyed theme
You follow burlesques inexorable norm
Unravels through farce your love and hate
While you mock at human life and fate.


He wafts in like a breath
Like mist he dissolves
And vapor like leaves indelibly
His presence within the cranium
Or perhaps this outer visitation
Is a construct of the mind
To extrapolate what's inside
And give it a name and identity
Desecrated by religion, embalmed
In mythology, he appears larger
Than life. Yet the moment he is imagined
A rococo grotesquerie supplants itself.
I praise this devil because he is
Both without and within. Primate
of our decentered selves he weaves
A magic which is technically ours.
Embedded within our orifices and crannies
He sluices downwards like fluid spine
Yet the most appaling truth comes
When he becomes inexorably thine.


The pattern circumambulated
Came back to itself again
Only to replicate endlessly
The vicious circle it created
You became the mirror where 
Lay your prevarications and lies
Yourself, you reflected, unknown
To you that your image was false
The pattern destroyed everything
That came its way;
yet tempted seductively
 to chart its course again
You embarked on a path that 
Was doomed to annihilate. Yet
Interwoven within the pattern
You followed its inflexible laws
The pattern pushed to the edge
Those who tried to circumvent
Round and round it went
Sucking all into its whirlpool.
Your sudden twinge of conscience,
Your realization of your wrong.
Your desire to mitigate that which
Could easily have lapsed into inevitability.
Yet now that you've decided to break
Away from its unctuous charm.
It is only when the pattern is shattered
Will emerge a whole human form.


Proceeding down nubile legs
In dribbles trickling below
Shines luminous irrefragable she
Her face all aglow
He traverses wild labyrinths
To taste the contraband fruit
While they both curse vociferously
Cruel fate, the inveterate brute
Forced to meet thus in secret
There lies over them a shroud
Insatiate batting of lashes meet
His high domed forehead, browed
They clasp each in a tight embrace
Holding on to this moment for it
Seems at this point in time nothing
Seems much to matter, even a bit
Clasped thus, they stiffen alertly
As she and he recline
A faint flow on the horizon
Makes them with terror supine.


Sinuous, amorous, vinous
Dancing to the effulgent
Percussion of love, they
embalm in moments of being
All of their love above.
Prevarication takes lodgement
When true emotion glazes.
Self seeking becomes the basis
Of what should ideally be a union.
Yet a reality of another has sunk in
Incandescent has become a form
Of being from which self irradiates
The transcendental nature of quotidian.
For it is only in times of self absorption
That love for a separate being emerge
Then the floodgates of passion burst forth
And two lovers in their unison submerge.


I incline my head to the crook of your arm
And repose there, gently recumbent
Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle we fit
Into each other like a spoke to a wheel.
Your turn of phrase, circumlocutions
Wrap around me like a blanket
While your fragrant breath, encompassing
Floats through my body like mist.
We gorge on our store of love
Like eve at the apple
Insatiate, unappeased hunger
Makes love multiply like reflections
Under your canopy i unfold
And open out like a flower
So searing is your incandescent gaze
That like a pool of light i quiver and melt
Striped with variegated tassels i
Sink into our world with somnolence
While oleaginous like oil on light
Lies the unctuousity of your brow
I hold on to this moment and
String it up around the garland of being
I believe we can vanquish death
By the lustrous afterglow of our luminous souls.


In cryptic tongue
Over the loop of fate
Unscroll destinies containing
Tales of love and hate
As random and necessary
Like the vanilla moon
They scoop out remnants of
The vision of noon
Tides passing to and fro
Metronome time's flow
While waves hither and thither
Strike a mortal blow
In the face of this tremulousness
Love's rite of passage is enacted
Self contained , sufficient unto itself
The moment is held and compacted
Under the awning of implacable nature
Their destinies unfurl
While the sea  heaves and surges
And its waters advance and curl
Yet there remeins of will a part
That syncopates to time's beat
Insensible to the ravages of destiny
They unravel to  sensuality's heat

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