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Shards of sand stipple the turf, glittering like mica. They let forth prisms of flickering, tremulous shafts of incandescence which dazzle the retina and then recede, only to re emerge with all their glittering beauty. Langorous warmth , a bestial heat permeates the surf. As i lie on the beach the sense of mingled heat and visceral primordiality suffuses me. The opalescent sun blinds the sight when gazed into and blurs the vision as it looks downwards. Striations of dust rasp down the spine as rivulets of sweat cascade and are dissolved by the murmurous breeze. The susurration of birds, the weft and warp of the waves combine to create an aural and visual epicurean delight, a delight distilled through senses attuned to a higher consciousness yet moderated by the humbling quotidian nature of things.
I stand on the turf, my scruffy clothes flapping against my flanks. The unctuous waves leave a film of foam behind them as they travel backwards. The soft feel of the foam combines with the abrasive sand rendering the touch proferred as that of rayon against skin. The blueness of the waves is streaked with whiteness as rays of sunlight are refracted. The phosphorescent underground life lies submerged, yet to surface. All is overlaid with a luminous blueness that ubiquitously proliferates and makes for a perfect picture postcard.
I sense an elemental wholeness as divested from suburban appendanges, the unsullied beauty of nature overcomes me. Yet this tableaux is impersonal, unaffected and untainted by the depredations of mankind. The roiling waves frolic, irrespective of us, the palm trees sway to the syncopated beat of the breeze. The sun persists as an arc which travels back and forth as the cornea gazes at it. Even though variegated forms of life subsist here yet an undifferentiated commonality binds them. My skin turns a delicious nut brown as the sun penetrates layers of subcutaneous tissue and smears the palpitating, sinewy muscles with its heat. This heat disperses and traverses the body and daubs a monochrome complexion into multitudes of brown, yellow which with the aegis of perspective reveal their colors. An orgiastic, ceremonial grace resides underneath, a primal bond with nature, a unison with the elements.
The autonomous,self contained forces of nature will persist regardless of my life. My mortal frame would gutter out but this beauty would be untarnished. The immensity of the horizon stretches infinitely bespeaking endless possibilities. The cycles circumambulate and recur and essence of worldly existence runs on and on. 


The knob bulged out
Distended with liquiefied effluvia
That, gravid with unconstrainedness
Threatened spilling out .
The orifice circuitous
Anticipating repletion
Glistened with lubricious enticement
Requiring a cleaving into togetherness
Behind the closed door of concealment
The gaping mouthed opened into a wide O
Enclosed into its cavernous folds
The throbbing engorgement.
The expelling of unctuousness
Laced with the thickness of cream
Released or absorbed
Reduplicated syncopating synapses.
But the closed door, impassive
Registered the subterranean dimension
By imbuing the contraband freneticism
And consecrated the realm of pleasure 


Anteriority stretches back to the farthest reaches. It can merely be simulated by a putative essence but can't be encapsulated. Anteriority is defined within temporality yet transcends it. The human mendicant proffers his volitional becoming to traverse the kaleidoscopic firmament, reconstituted anew.
Filaments, studded fringes of revelations ricochet and jostle. Wholeness resides in a penumbral realm, repudiated and negated while a chimerical  singularity, masquerades as truth. And truth it becomes the moment is comes to be because it transmutes and transfigures into a realm where meaning isn't understood cognitively or exegetically but as unequivocally self consistently rhetorical. Reality , evanescently etched as truth, becomes a  mosaics of myriad layers , a patchwork, particolored phenomenon. If meaning is rendered meaningful by the meaning ascribed to it then meaninglessness becomes a palpable facticity, almost a homonymy because it is out of absence and nothingness that carapaces of luminousity emerge.
The artist, within the interstices of his baroque imagination, distended with gravid, unconscious longings, propelled by hitherto unforeseen forces, streaked with the suppurating taint of mystification deploys his rococo paraphernalia of contrapuntal ideas, empirical relativity and decontextualized selfhood. Because he is composed of yet balked of the times he inhabits. Imperceptibly he affirms, validates through invalidation, inarticulacy. He creates a reality but turning it inside out, scooping its scallop shaped innards, circuitously fingering its mamoreal curvilinearity, daubing the chiaruscro of monochrome into arabesques dotted with variegated spots of color. And because it emanates from him and has its constituents compounded by him, an almost gratuitous repletion, an orgasmic convulsion, susurrating with the thrilling vibrations of the unsaid, the unrepresented constitutes his vision. What he narrates is unfathomable. His work is a palimpsest, subterrenean hieroglyphs surface, obliterate and reform. Ideas burst, burgeon, flourish, sink, subsume, submerge, re emerge. Their forms metamorphose yet at an underlying level, the disquiet they promulgate remains unaltered. 
The incandescently agleam sensibility of the spectator navigates the labyrinth of the portraiture through endlessly reduplicating , variously sized looking glasses with images distorted beyond shape. Like a chinese box the realm, assumed inviolable, demonstrates its frangibility as yet another dimension unfurls. Where understanding has become null, the dialectics of reason have become collapsible, structures of coherence dismembered, chaos supervenes. Yet embedded within this chaos lies a fragment odf reason, recreated as reason, formulated out of formlessness, extricated from the seething cauldron of undifferentiated primevality by an act of will, becomes a reality made afresh, created anew like a work of art.
The story of the artist intersects with the story of the interlocutor . They entwine, enmesh, interlock and out of the gradations of indeterminacy they postulate emerges a new episteme.


Portentous he,
Reposing amidst 'master' pieces
Of his own making,
Expressing the subfusc
Hinterland where altruism meets
Self seeking, and innocence,always
Already corrupted, actualizes, views
With sublimated glee the twink, across
Time and space, materializing the unconscious
And making the gloaming of dreams become fleshly
The twink reclines,
Grotesque grimaces,rictus of pleasure
Underpinning the cogito; i fuck because i fuck'.
Alien to him are the solicitudes and archaisms
Of formal decadence. It is, instead, crude
crass animality that makes a reality truthful.
Across temporal eons the two gazes meet.
The luminous aesthete and the vulgar porn star
Intersecting at the fulcrum where desire engorges,
Reduplicates, expels and emits . For the former it is a
transcendence, for the latter an orgasm. Yet
When the master looks into the eyes of the twink and the
Twink looks back, both affirm a quotidian humanity which is
The presence of a prick deluged in spunk.


If blood could curdle,
Stretch and disperse
And the cells, imbued 
With malevolence, proliferate,
Then comes into being a
Curlicued beauty, the
Quintessential cancer cell.
From a horizon it is oval
From another centrifugal, yet
Containing all energy within
Its concavities, compounded
Of mortality,constitutive and
Telos of it.
A suppurating indentation
A tumuli projecting out,
Immovable, intermittently jarring
Manifests the diagnostic equivalent
Of an impalpable physiognomy
There is a beauty in cellular attrition
Like petals of blood it fans out
Enveloping bodily topography
Into its poisonous folds.
Self contained, it, partakes
Yet transcends, daubing limpid
Cessation with its permenence
Endurance and ontology.

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