Sunday, June 16, 2013


Traversing sophist seas of circumlocution
He denies externality it's holism
Extrapolating from inner pedagogies
He seeks recourse in Deconstructive aphorism

Words, choicest recitatives flake off him
As he distorts meaning and sense
In transfusing actuality with confusion
He makes of transparency something dense

A density, not of thought but sanctimony
Which, the more distended with myth
Of self righteous ,insular narcissism
Navigates a circuitous labyrinth.

He, in communion with his kind
Engages in dialectics of monologue
Seemingly evincing candor
He infuses deception as a prologue

Yet his ostensible depth and intelligence
Fools us again and again
The more he seeks to interrogate the self evident
Greater is his loss of a world sane

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