Friday, June 28, 2013



Iridescent specks of light are insinuating through the mist, rending it. The mist, cleft, tries ineffectually to solder its dispersed wreaths but so complete it its fragmentary severance from itself that it dissolves its own obfuscation. As slivers of light, initially peeking in incandesce the sky a suffusion of light brightens the stratosphere and a luminous ubiquity permeates. Birds begin to chirp, flowers unfurl their petals and a panorama of brighness hangs like a canopy over a frenetic, disordered human hithering and thithering. Amid the ebb and flow of suburbia,a window is spangled with light here, an omnibus halted in its course there. There is a busyness, a disgorging of activity as thick waves of torpor, unmediated by the escapes dreams proffer, disperse into wakefulness and consciousness. 


The mist, concealed and momentarily sidestepped by light, begins to thicken. Where earlier its constituents attenuated it concentrates, creating a dense thicket of nothingness. A penumbra begins to obscure the quotidian. As shadows deepen the ebb and flow, incessant by day becomes restful, quiescent. A sense of lassitude billows. Indefatigably inconstant lovers congregate and proclaim prothalamions of permanence. They then move apart, holding the opalescent memory of their brief communion to their beating hearts. Pinpricks of neon flare up and points of light denote points of landscape caught and help evanescently in the points of time that contain them. Where permanence and solidity was betokened by the light ephemerality and incorporeality is signified by the shadow. As the elements intersect to create unceasing concatenations of light and shadow the consciousness of the slumberer flares up, marvels and lapses into dreamy somnolence. The belief in cyclical endurance is underpinned by the tenebrous reality of mortality.

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