Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A point in time encapsulates the moment that point in time contains. The moment is eventfulness, either linear or inward. If it is linear it is determined  by the forward propulsion of time and becomes a series of actualities that become a narrative which memory traverses retroactively. If it is psychological then it is studded with mnemonics, sprinkled with intersecting associations that crystallize indeterminate surfacings and retractions and are embalmed as memory.

History presupposes a narrative and a moment of time. What the moment of time or the ontology of beginnings is uncertain. Anteriority is a construct designed to confer an illusory telos wherein a form can be imposed on the random reality of human experience. It is also perhaps an emanation of a desire to factualize storytelling and proffer as determinants beginnings to create crenellated whorls of authenticated meta narratives. If the direction of mortality is forwards its understanding is backwards which psychoanalysts understand as the peregrination of a human consciousness with its unconscious manifestations. 

Yet what are narratives but ephemeral specks of memory, etherealized as history. What is needed to begin a discourse on humanness is a story. The evanescent lineaments of the story are ratified through linear progression. The constituents that illumine the filaments of unknowable realities are metamorphosed as streaks of temporality, sprinkled with events and overdetermined by the flux of monochromatic significations that encompass vastitudes yet foreclose subjectivity. A journey down past's labyrinth unlocks the hidden stories from the palimpsest of grand narratives. Daguerrotypes of perception unravel into polychromatic stipples of coexisting multifariousness. However mortality, which creates the need for the story also circumscribes it in its desire to contain the iridescent embroidery it weaved around itself. Is the cessation of human consciousness an end to the story? Or is it perhaps a passing of the story onwards through word of mouth and written repositories through forms of being that follow. What remains indivisible is the story. To say everything is storytelling is to tell another story. We have acknowledged the impulse to create and now must create further from the blankness around stories a way of life. We have come full circle.

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