Friday, May 3, 2013



The flurry of ideas
Traverses the temporal
Seeking to find discursively
A ratified oral.

Definitions dissolve into the ether
As uncertainty prevails
Bringing into narrative realms
Proliferating misreadings and travails


You are the image and the self
Seeking to create anew
From the nothingness we inhabit
Slivers of your being few

You billow outwards, expanding
With the shriveling of us
By negating the latent in you
Congealing yourself thus


We wrest from your self assurance
Remnants that we exist
In the teeth of your elaborate denials
On our presence we persist

Yet you clamp down inexorably
Muffling from us, our presence
In snuffing out variegations
Repudiating our very essence.

The mirror never lies
However much the aegis conceals
Elliptically reduplicating inversions
Immutable indeterminacy reveals.

Consciousness may dematerialize
That which it disperses as dross
Subterraneous phenomena
Reveals this deception gross

You have created a closed circle
Of solipsistic self communion
Thereby crystallizing intractably
Possibilities of disunion

However much you may emblematize
Difference , by any gesture token
We, with our indubitability
Shall leave your circle broken.

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