Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ontology is a chimera, a metaphysical projection whose constituents determine the nature of reality we construct for ourselves. Extrojection/introjection are an inescapable component of the stories we create. In that sense reality is self referential, in that it betokens the nature of its phenomena to itself. Through overdeterminations, symbolic and symbiotic, a patina of a putative realness is brought into being. Metaphysics and reality are both directly and inversely related. Because the ratiocination of metaphysics is contingent on reality and reality, ipso facto, is inconceivable without metaphysics. Yet their conjunctions and ricochetings are indeterminate because they are mediated by a human consciousness which projects its anthropocentric sublimations on the nature of phenomene, both impalpable and tangible. Reality is constituted, or reconstituted by eldritch architectonics whose significations of nebulous certainties crystallize with time. Yet the self contradictory frictions of this self created reality, predicated on intersecting and conflictual subjectivities throws into relief its own tenuousness.

Let's say there is a pool and reality is gazing at itself in it. Yet the pool is an extrapolation of  reality from itself so that it can commune with itself. The symbolic pool is a wrenching of a narcissistic propensity and its emblematic exteriorization. Much like plato's prisoners in the cave reality is incapable of apprehending its own being because being has been split into object and subject. Objectivization signifies a structuration of teleology on the basis of a schizoid fragmentation. While subjectivization is the creation of a subject from the interstices of predicate and metonymy. Thus reality is both itself, i.e the itself it brought into being and what it makes itself to be i.e becoming. The incongruity lies in a misapprehension or (mis) apprehension of the intrinsic nature of uncertainty whose splitting is  both a survival and a defense mechanism. Hence it is narcissism redoubled or perhaps a narcissism folded in upon itself because ultimately solipsistic externality unspools into self absorbed internality. Or let us say that reality is a ball of thread unravelling into infinity. Paradoxically too this ball of thread, constrained by spatiality is impeded from where consciousness proliferates its filigrees of association. The thread ( the pool) and consciousness (the imaginary pool) commingle and branch out, dissolving into primordial , depthless unfathomability.

As far as the quest for a reality, outside of the pool and reality itself is concerned it becomes nothing but a narcissistic prolongation into self reflection. And reality, which sees its specular image is psychotically splintered into creationing and nothingness. Like narcissus the anomaly of reality lies in its misrecognition or meconnaissance that the image it sees is not of itself. The hallucination billows outwards into a collective psychosis wherein dream, phantasmagoria, reality, phenomena intermesh, collide and simultaneously sequester and alienate. The exactitude lies in the reality of unreality. The emptiness of unknowingness brings reality into being, self fragments it and strives for an amalgamation with that which lies outside which is nothing but its own fathomlessness, reduplicating itself in the closed circularity of the specular colloquy.

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