Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Rationalist (with imperturable gravity) - The structures of reason buoy up the human race, keep chaos at bay .
Fantasist ( with a smile hinting derision)- I embody the unconscious, the inchoate. I am the chaos without which order is nugatory.
Rationalist ( calmly patient)- I came into being to negate your hegemony. Your claim on the primordial a fulcrum is apocryphal at best
Fantasist ( hinting with irrepressible gaiety)- Primeval nothingness emerged through me. It is i, who from anteriority and its attendant void, created a space for a form to encompass my formlessness.
Rationalist ( expostulating) - So you contradict yourself by attributing to yourself a slot in the mechanism of life.
Fantasist ( resignedly) - No i merely reduplicate your presumption through inversion. You gave a name, conferring a category when my undeniably ubiquity is incontestable. Only those with unquestioning belief in reason promulgate order out of disorder. I, instead, out of the vacuum of unknowingness rendered your classification admissible. Though i, ipso facto, am unclassifiable.
Rationalist (propelled by certitude)- Which goes back to what i began with. Unless i gave you a sheathe you would be inarticulable and blank, featureless.
Fantasist ( thoughtfully) - I think our interchange is becoming slightly contradictory and at cross purposes. You were a retroactive need, congealed into a necessity to ensure the continuance of existence. I, the tabula rasa, accumulating experience into the palimpsest, coexisted with an unknown reality which you seek to explicate, rather uselessly.
Rationalist ( chewing a fingernail) - Unconstrained experience, proliferating heedlessly can push the conscious to extremes of madness. Psychotic splintering is an inescapable accompaniment of self indulgent submersion in the unconscious.
Fantasist ( excitedly) - It is when sheathes encapsulate that they become oppressive. You , smug in your self possession give yourself dubious assurances. Such is my ineluctable factuality that the more you cram me into the nether regions the more i get under your skin. My visitations are highly nebulous but incontrovertible... You call them dreams, the unconscious, endeavoring to further fragment me yet i reconstruct myself seamlessly from the interstices of your logic. Binary thinking is your modus operandi. If there were no binaries there would be a plausible coexistence of multiple realities.
Rationalist ( giving up) I remain unconvinced by the rationality of your unreason. So we agree to disagree.
Fantasist ( self righteously) - Perhaps disagreement gives man a foundation to ponder, ruminate and engage with the world.

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