Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Filaments of incongruities wreathe off, attenuate and become formless before the unequivocal gaze of normality. Normality abrades, rasps and transports rapturous cogitations into the phosphorescent penumbra of non being. Yet what is being? Is it the singular, indivisible , immitigable me or is it the oleaginous sheathe which evasively slips away the moment it is grasped. For it is the nature of a sheathe to enshroud the truth  but the truth is composed of forms ineradicably its own. The shroud curls off into nothingness. If what conceals me conceals itself and the nature of concealment constitutes me then perhaps my becoming emerges from non being. Attrition presupposes form yet the form has a dubious temporality. In such a case my incandescent being is what i have made of it. The luminous sheen it emanates, the self created brightness it suffuses me with is by me, of me and for me.

Yet the gloaming, before self realization was exacerbated when that which contained became a containing force. The integument became the reality, operating on predetermined forms whose nebulous origins foreclosed than incite scrutiny. Form obscured the content by virtue of superimposition. It became the unalterable reality before whose constituents the nature of  multitudinous being was nugatory. Yet the incontrovertibility of selfhood, itself tenebrous, began flapping its importunate wings, asking to be let out. It underscored its own presence by underpinning the absence that had ratified abstention through negation. The configurations of being reconstituted multifariously . In that moment of dispersal fragments realigned themselves into a patchwork mosaic whose egalitarian representation of forms emphasized the reality, a disaggregated yet wholesome reality it contained.

And now the iridescence of completeness though rendered tenuous by the once predominant form glows undimmed. Out of the dark hinterland of emptiness where splinters of consciousness were siphoned off have now been glazed into a work of art. As the dusk encroaches, an opalescent afterglow renders precariously persistent the luminosity of a being which came out of nothingness, was itself defined as nothingness until it extricated itself from the crepuscularity of non existence into the light  of self constitution. 

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