Friday, March 29, 2013


Form-  I am the inviolable receptable who reins in your proliferative spillage
Content- I am the raison d etre for your being. I am, therefore you are.

Form- When i stud your crenellations with discipline, when i sheathe your inchoateness into a structure, i dapple your subject matter with incandescence.

Content- I exist immanently, independent of you. You are an artifice, a superimposition who circumscribes my primordial cauldron into a funneled catafalque.

Form- The architechtonics of your representation, your becoming, occurs through the shape i mold you into. The primevality you claim intersects with my recognizable blueprints , as they exist in collective consciousness. It is only when the pell mell nature of your narrative amalgamates with my classical formalism that contrapuntal readings emerge.

Content- you boast of ideograms of structures that embody you and are contained in culture . Yet i belong to that nebulous indeterminacy that transcends time, goes beyond divisions and becomes pure, unsullied storytelling.

Form- By claiming a prior existence you relinquish the constructedness of your being. It is through cognitive reshaping, imaginative realignment of your evanescent contours that the story emerges and it is here that i am indissolubly interlinked with you.

Content- you superimpose inexpressibly presumptuous structures of time and space. You cleave, cohere, rationalize and deny the unconscious its own frenetic means of expression.

Form- I am engraven inextricably to you. The moment you expel the word from your temporality to the page you become me because the shape you proffer to contain yourself in is only chimerically yours. In actuality it is something that has been there for a long while, chronologically unlocatable. You come to be by becoming. Therefore there never was a indivisible you. You made yourself and the making process is heraldically, emblematically me.

Content- Then one could say i am, because you are and you are because i am.

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