Friday, March 29, 2013


Infinitesimal moments contract, ejecting spurts of mnemonics which indelibly congeal into moments of being. Yet they are irradiated by luminescence, stippled with daubs of fleetingness, crenellated with a compendium of concatenated reminiscences whose ephemerality refracts shafts of being whose undimmed opalescence creates out of circumscription, spaces of transcendence.

Yet indistinct streaks of memory, imbued with momentariness solder a tenuous gloaming of recollections which inundate not with unvarying wholesomeness but dappled scrims of remembrance which, in the tenebrous hinterland of  unknowingness may disquiet but which in iridescent points of time, illumine the penumbral recesses of the psyche with incandescence.

Yet could a momentary moment or a temporality from which fragments are crystallized constitute a mode of being. Strung together into a garland of evocations can they institute transcendence. Metaphysics galvanizes propulsion through negation of putative barricades. In the oblivious oblivion of self communion, in its crepuscular shadows lies true transcendence because beings intersect unconsciously. The irrefragable indeterminacy of ontology renders their convergence sacrosanct. And it is in these maladroit fortuitousnesses that evanescence emerges, an evanescence whose precariousness is undepinned by its fleetingness yet whose persistence, continuance is reaffirmed through revisitation, recapitulation and resavoring. It is through the mediation of memory and consciousness that evanescence is embalmed and rendered an incontrovertible, impalpable yet resilient force of human life.

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