Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tremulous stars waver,
Speckled with pinpricked light
The luminous moon stands agape
Marveling  at human folly
While deception continues on.

If the tranquil light could illumine
The darkness of the soul
 patch together incongruities
 constitute a whole
Then its attenuated glow
Diffuses dissembling around
While the sea rushes below
The tides making mobile sound

The susurrating foliage belies
Frenetic acts of human neglect
As mirrors refract illusions
Duplicating of shadows, only effect
Thus the mirror conceals
The true contours of being
While  deepening shades of gray
Man would rather not be seeing.

Can we make a beggar a princess
Or sheathe the prince in rags
Plump out a desiccated cadaver
And render a waif, a bone bag
Subversions proliferate
As identities dissolve
Yet simulacra  undifferentiate
Doesn't  its  contradictions resolve.

The moon smiles placid
At indeterminate human folly
While the deluded revelers frolic
In their complacence ; jolly.

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